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Tips To Navigate Flooded Moon In Lethal Company

Lethal company has introduced new elements to make the game more interesting in its early access.

Weather conditions are one of them, which greatly impact the moon, making it more challenging. 

Flooded is one of the challenging weather effects in Lethal Company, where the water level slowly rises with continuous rain. The best tips to survive this condition are buying flippers and oxygen tanks and avoiding unnecessary loot.

Continue reading to know more about weather conditions and flooding effects in Lethal Company.

Weather Conditions In Lethal Company

Along with enemies and bosses, weather effects are hard to deal with as they appear randomly in the game.

The game has five weather conditions: Flood, Storm, Foggy, Raining and Eclipse.

Each weather effect has challenges that players must face while exploring the moon.

When certain weather conditions hit the moon, it is shown in the bracket alongside the moon’s name in the Ship’s terminal.

Further, the climate affects various moons making it the final boss in Lethal Company.

However, players never know when unexpected weather changes might hit them on the moon.

Clear weather is the best weather to play the game because the weather doesn’t determine the type of loot you get.

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Flooded Moon In Lethal Company

Flood is one of the challenging weather effects in Lethal Company as the water level rises with time and causes you to drown.

After you land on a Flooded moon, the water level slowly rises, and after a certain time, everything is under water.

Furthermore, it is difficult to predict when the water will rise and cover the entire area.

When you enter the Flooded moon, and it starts to flood the whole map, it becomes difficult to leave.

Flooded weather condition in Lethal Company
Players experience flooded weather while exploring the moon.

Additionally, the player’s stamina to stand in the water decreases during heavy floods.

However you can temporarily take shelter inside a building, but it may not work when the water level is too high.

So, players shouldn’t land on the flooded moon and explore the moon without them.

Tips For Flooded Weather In Lethal Company

The best tip is to avoid the flooded weather on the moon, as it makes it difficult to leave the entirely flooded area.

However, if you want to land on the flooded planets, a few tips may help you navigate during the flood.

Some buyable equipment may help you survive this challenging weather in the game. 

Here are a few tips for flooded weather conditions in Lethal Company:

1. Avoid Carrying Unnessary Loot

The loot you get while exploring the moon is not always important for the game.

When facing deep floods, you can avoid carrying heavy items, which may hinder running.

Further, carry only necessary items that save you from drowning.

2. Buy Flippers

Flippers are the best item for the flood weather conditions in the game.

It helps to move fast under the water and helps you swim easily during the flood.

This item is available for in-game purchase in the store.

3. Buy Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen tanks are the best way to get through a flooded area with air to breathe in.

However, an oxygen tank is an expensive non-refillable item to purchase.

Further, players can also add an oxygen gauge to the tank to know the status of oxygen left.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can experience various weather conditions while exploring the planets in Lethal Company.

A flooded moon is a dynamic weather effect where the water level builds up as you land on the moon.

Some moons with a chance to get flooded weather include Experimentation, Vow, March and Dine.

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