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Cell Of The Sycophant Starcat Quest In Destiny 2: Is It Bugged?

In Destiny 2, players are given a new quest called Cell of the Sycophant Starcat in Riven’s Lair.

However, most players face a challenge while accessing the Week 5 quest of Destiny 2, hunting the Starcat.

In Destiny 2, most of the players are reporting that the cell of the Sycophant Starcast quest is bugged, as they cannot find the Starcat despite searching for every nook and corner. The quest for Week 5 is bugged as players find the Starcat in the wrong location, Spine Of Keres.

Continue reading to learn more about the Cell of The Sycophant Starcat and find out whether it is bugged in Destiny 2.

Search In Cell Of The Sycophant In Destiny 2

While embarking on the weekly mission 5, Synchysis, players should explore the cell of the Sycophant.

As the mission suggested, players need to navigate to the Cell Sycophant in Riven’s Lair in search of the Starcat.

Similarly, the quest description hints to players, mentioning the Starcat is hiding within the Shrubbery.

cell of the sycophant starcat
An Overview of the cell of the Sycophant starts the quest.

So, within the Cell of the Sychophant, explore the Shrubbery as it is only a specified location within the mission.

However, do not waste your time searching for the Starcat in the Cell Of The Sycophant, as he is absent.

Players face a dilemma as they cannot locate the Starcat in the designated area.

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Is The Cell Of Sycophant Bugged?

Destiny 2 announced the latest week 5 challenges for its players, locating the Starcat from the Cell of Sycophant.

During the Synchysis Weekly mission, players must search every corner of the Cell of Sycophant to obtain the Starcat.

Similarly, as players navigate to the location, dedicating their time and effort, they cannot find the Starcat.

Moreover, after looking at several forums and gaming communities, players are having a lively discussion.

The reports on these communities suggest that the Starcat is facing bug issues, so explore other places as well.

The Revelation Of Starcat: Spine Of Keres

Reports suggest that players cannot find the Starcat in the Cell of the Sycophant despite spending hours searching for it.

The Cell of the Sycophant faces potential bugs, so players cannot find the elusive Starcat in the Riven’s Lair.

However, some players have reported finding the Starcat within the Dreaming City, specifically in the Spine Of Keres.

starcat In Spine of Keres
Players can find the Starcat in the Spine Of Keres.

As they cannot find the Starcat in the cell of the Sycophant, players should navigate to the Spine of Keres to claim the Starcat.

To embark on this journey, players must load in the Dreaming City and follow the path to their left.

This path leads to an old room where offerings were once donated; in this room, on a balcony, players can find the Starcat.

Tips For Finding The Cat

Once you reach the destination, you can have an enticing Starcan.

Here, you have to claim the Triumph associated with the Cell of the Sycophant by interacting with the Cat.

However, you must consider that the Spine of Keres is only activated after claiming the Triumph.

Moreover, players expressed disappointment with the situation as the weekly mission is key to accessing the Cell of Sycophant area.

The Bottom Line

During the Week 5 challenge in Destiny 2, the Cell of Sycophant encountered a potential bug.

While players wait for developers to fix this issue, they can explore alternative locations to find cats.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to overcome the bug and enjoy the hidden collectibles, Starcat.

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