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Why My Eyes Deceive Is Disturbing?

My Eyes Deceive is a first-person psychological horror game with disturbing content.

The game contains elements that may be sensitive to some players with soft hearts.

My Eyes Deceive is a horror game with many disturbing scenes and plots. Players find this more disturbing because there is some offensive content, such as kidnapping, child abuse, sexual assault, and pregnancy.

This article discusses why My Eyes Deceive is disturbing and why it was banned from Roblox.

Why My Eyes Deceive Is Disturbing?

My Eyes Deceive game is about a deadly disease that has infected the outside world, and society is in chaos.

Fortunately, the ingame father has kept the player in a shelter.

The player must navigate the shelter to uncover the truth about what is happening in the outside world.

It revolves around a substance called the antidote and features dark and disturbing topics such as child abuse and isolation.

Likewise, it is possible that the game’s disturbing content caused you to feel disturbed while playing it.

first jumpscare in my eyes deceive
This is the first jumpscare of My Eyes Deceive.

The game is not for the faint of heart, and those who find frightening content should avoid playing.

Similarly, it contains content that may be offensive to some players, such as kidnapping, sexual assault, and pregnancy.

Therefore, it is intended to be an unnerving and distressing psychological horror experience.

The game’s graphics are intentionally low-quality, which adds to the overall creepy atmosphere of the game.

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Why My Eyes Deceive Got Banned From Roblox?

The game is a psychological horror game that puts the player in the role of a girl who is taking medication under instruction from her father.

She has no access to the outside world besides a hatch she uses to speak to her father.

Therefore, the game has two endings, a good and a bad one.

community discussion of reddit
This is the community discussion of My Eyes Deceive on Reddit.

In the good ending, the girl doesn’t take the sedatives and escapes the basement where her father kept her.

In the bad ending, she takes the pills, and nothing changes.

Ultimately, she gets sexually assaulted by her father and ends up being pregnant.

The game was removed from Roblox because the developer, Nouhidev, was unhappy it was getting more plays there than at

He made the game at at the initial state, but the number of plays was higher by the thousands on Roblox.

Also, what frustrated Nouhidev more was gaming YouTubers not giving him credit for developing My Eyes Deceive.

He requested that the game be pulled from Roblox, but it is still available in

The Bottom Line

The game’s disturbing visuals and storyline caused it to be banned from Roblox.

It is not recommended for players sensitive to dark and disturbing topics.

Therefore, if you want to try the original game, it is available on

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