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Is Dead Messenger Craftable In Destiny 2?

Dead Messenger is an exotic grenade launcher first introduced in Season of the Risen, Destiny 2.

You can get this weapon by completing the Vox Obscura assignment.

You can get the Dead Messenger by completing one run of Vox Obscura on Normal difficulty. Also, you can customize your Dead Messenger with different perks and upgrades.

This article will give you details of the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2, how to get it, and whether Dead Messenger is craftable.

What Is Dead Messenger In Destiny 2?

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 features a brand-new exotic grenade launcher called Dead Messenger.

A handheld one-shot grenade launcher can switch between solar, arc, and void damage.

On impact with the ground, it also discharges a fan of three energy waves, making it a potent weapon for taking out hordes of foes or disabling defenses.

You must finish the Kill the Messenger quest to obtain Dead Messenger.

The quest is a section of Season of the Risen’s plot.

Moreover, you must accomplish the Vox Obscura mission, a problematic and enigmatic objective in Savathun’s throne world.

Likewise, players can acquire a catalyst for Dead Messenger by repeatedly finishing the Vox Obscura quest.

The catalyst also adds a new perk called Turnabout, boosting the grenade launcher’s damage and blast radius.

Dead Messenger
In Destiny 2, you can find the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher.

When a guardian or combatant uses their super to breach their shield, you receive an overshield due to this perk.

Dead Messenger is a unique and versatile weapon that can adapt to different situations and enemies.

It is one of the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

Therefore, you should try to get it if you are a fan of grenade launchers or explosive weapons.

How To Obtain The Dead Messenger In Destiny 2?

Complete the Kill the Messenger quest to obtain the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2. 

Moreover, you must complete one Vox Obscura run on Normal difficulty.

Vox Obscura is a quest entrusted to the guardians by Empress Caiatl herself.

Similar to Harbinger and Presage from season 15, this mission differs from the Parasite assignment in that players can complete it weekly for Pinnacle prizes by eliminating champions.

Furthermore, Dead Messenger and its catalyst are the rewards for fully completing the reoccurring Exotic task Vox Obscura.

After completing the quest, you will receive a craftable version of Dead Messenger that you can make at the social hub known as The Enclave.

The Enclave is in the same map area as Savathun’s Throne World.

You may need to play it through to completion three times to realize Vox Obscura’s potential fully.

However, you can still create one as soon as it becomes available following a clear.

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Is It Possible To Craft Dead Messenger?

Yes, Dead Messenger is craftable in Destiny 2.

You can get the craftable variant of Dead Messenger by completing one run of Vox Obscura on Normal difficulty.

Moreover, this Exotic quest can be accessed through the Legends section of the Destinations tab when it’s the featured weekly mission.

Once you have the craftable variant, go to the Gunsmith in the Tower and select the Dead Messenger option.

There, you can choose from different perks and upgrades that will affect the performance and appearance of your grenade launcher.

Some of the perks and upgrades are:

  • Damage Type: You can switch your grenade launcher’s damage type between solar, arc, and void. Your weapon’s color and the energy waves it emits will shift.
  • Magazine: The number of bullets you can fire from your grenade launcher before needing to reload depends on how big the magazine is.
  • Blast Radius: You can adjust your grenade launcher’s blast radius to change the size of the area of influence when your grenade lands on the ground.
  • Velocity: By adjusting the velocity of your grenade launcher, you can change how quickly your grenade flies through the air.

The Bottom Line

Dead Messenger is a new exotic grenade launcher that can change its damage type and release energy waves.

It is one of the best weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

You can get it by completing the Kill the Messenger quest and the Vox Obscura mission.

Additionally, you can craft it with different perks and upgrades to suit your playstyle.

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