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Adept Arcana In Destiny 2: How To Complete it?

Destiny 2 is another popular multiplayer game that carries a number of challenges and quests.

Adept Arcana is one of those quests introduced in season 22 or the Season of the Witch of the game.

Adept Arcana is a quest in Season of the Witch in Destiny 2 that allows the gameplay to take an interesting turn. To complete it, you must find and finish five Major Arcana quests unlocked by deciphering Opaque Cards at the Ritual Table.

This article dives deeper into the details of the Adept Arcana quest.

What Is Deck Of Whispers?

Season of the Witch introduces a new progression system called The Deck of Whispers.

In addition, Deck of Whispers is a progression system that requires you to build decks.

Instead of finishing an activity and getting a reward, this system allows you to build decks of activity and provides smaller rewards to keep you motivated.

There are four significant terminologies a player must understand to be able to grasp the concept of the Deck of Whispers.

Here are the details of those terms:

1. Opaque Cards

Opaque cards allow you to unlock Arcana cards and are found through a portal in the H.E.L.M.

They are used to fill the Deck of Whispers, a card collection that grants various benefits and bonuses.

2. Major Arcana

Major Arcana cards require you to complete short quests to get the rewards.

Also, some Opaque cards can become Major Arcana cards, which you can pick up to five for your deck once unlocked.

Further, the Major Arcana cards provide seasonal benefits, daily bounties and combat effects.

3. Minor Arcana

Opaque cards transform into Minor Arcana cards and provide more traditional seasonal benefits.

Additionally, it provides Witch’s Key with more benefits like Witch’s Engrams.

4. Witch’s Keys

Quests such as Spire of Savathum and ALtars of Summoning award you with Witch’s Keys.

The primary purpose of these keys is to provide you with increased loot at the quest’s end.

What Is Adept Arcana?

Adept Arcana is a quest in the 22nd season of the game that requires you to find five Major Arcana cards.

Furthermore, these five Major Arcana cards help you to build or collect the Deck of Whispers.

Other week one challenges include:

  • Acolyte’s Ascent I
  • Witch’s Spoils
  • Master Conjurer
  • Taking All Challenges
  • Round and Round We Go
  • Precision Calibration
Keep reading to find out about Luminous Void Shader and how to use Precision Instruments Perk in Destiny 2.

How To Complete The Adept Arcana Quest?

The Adept Arcana is a seasonal challenge from week 1 of Season of the Witch.

To Complete the Adept Arcan quest, you must find five Major Arcana cards.

There are many Major Arcana cards present in this season of the game.

Some of them are:

  • The Sisters
  • The Witch
  • The Adherent
  • The Harbinger
  • Blades
  • Lacuna
  • Liminal
  • Ascension
  • Lament
  • The Lie
  • The Truth

Now, here is a step-by-step guide to complete the Adept Arcana quest:

  1. First, enter the H.E.L.M and enter the portal to the throne world called Athaneus.
HELM Portal destiny 2
Go through the H.E.L.M. portal to enter the throne world.
  1. There are going to be two tables that you can pick from.
  2. The Ritual table will be to the right, while the Lectern will be to the left.
Lectern Table Arcana
Select the Lectern table to complete activities.
  1. The Lectern will be where you will get the Major Arcana cards from.
Major Arcana Cards
All the Major Arcana cards are present in the Lectern of Divination.
  1. All the Major Arcana cards are saved in the Lectern from the opaque cards you should have previously found.
  2. Once you visit the cards, it will brief you about the quest.
Adept Arcana Destiny 2 Quest
There are more than 10 Major Arcana cards in Season of the Witch.
  1. After you finish the quest, it will be added to your deck.
  2. You can also gain any additional bounty from this table.

To get any rewards, you must acquire the reward and also pick it up.

To get the Major Arcana cards faster, complete or collect at least two Major Arcana cards and get the bounties.

While gaining the bounties, click acquire two times; otherwise, it will not be valid.

Adept Arcana Destiny 2 Bounty
You need to press acquire two times to get the bounty.

Most players make the mistake of losing time over smaller activities.

This creates confusion and prevents you from getting to the finish line.

So, do these things while completing the Adept Arcana challenge.

The Bottom Line

Adept Arcana is a quest that needs you to complete five Major Arcana cards to collect the Deck of Whispers.

The Deck of Whispers is a seasonal progression system that helps to spice up the game.

It creates a deck of activities to complete, giving players smaller rewards in the middle and a grand one at the end of the activity.

So, if you’re looking for an interesting game to keep you hooked, Destiny 2 Season of the Witch is the one for you.

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