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How To Farm Deathless Visage In Diablo 4?

Uniques in Diablo 4 can be build-defining. However, dropping the specific unique is a rare occurrence.

Furthermore, players also want to target farm certain unique items for their builds.

Players of Diablo 4 want to obtain the Deathless Visage. However, the item drops far less than others due to its rarity. Furthermore, players in World Tier 3 can tackle Helltides and other content to farm for the Deathless Visage In Diablo 4. 

Continue reading to learn what you can farm in Deathless Visage and how you can obtain the unique helmet.

What Is Deathless Visage In Diablo 4?

Deathless Visage is a unique helm item in Diablo 4. Like other unique gear pieces, the Deathless visage is unique solely for Necromancers.

Furthermore, the Deathless Visage is one of the most sought-after armors for Necromancers.

Like other armor pieces, the Deathless Visage also sports a decent amount of armor.

Deathless Visage In-Game Card View Diablo 4.
Deathless Visage in-game Card View Diablo 4

What Are The Effects Of Deathless Visage In Diablo 4?

The players want to obtain the Deathless Visage for its unique effect.

The unique effect allows Bone Spear, one of the Necromancer class’s best skills, to leave behind echoes as it travels, and the echoes explode.

Furthermore, the Deathless Visage also provides various bonus stats with the Unique effect.

Here is a list of stats you can gain from the Deathless Visage;

  • +Armor
  • +Physical Damage
  • +Critical Strike Damage For Bone Skills
  • +Maximum Essence

Furthermore, players can use an aspect known as Splintering Aspect with the Unique Helmet.

The player can imprint the aspect on Gloves, Offhand, 1-handed-weapon, 2-handed-weapon, Ring, and Amulet.

Splintering Aspect In-Game Card In Diablo 4.
Splintering Aspect In-Game Card In Diablo 4

Additionally, the aspect allows the Bone spear to make the enemies Vulnerable. However, the bone spear needs to hit enemies beyond the first target.

Furthermore, the bone shards from the bone spear can deal up to 100% more damage to vulnerable enemies and pierce them.

Continue reading to discover ways to fix this item cannot have aspects imprinted on it issue and Tree of Whispers Uniques.

How To Farm Deathless Visage In Diablo 4?

Deathless Visage is a unique item solely for the bone spear.

Furthermore, the helm also provides the players with a significant boost of attack damage and critical strike damage for bone skills.

Moreover, the bone spear is a physical damage skill. Thus, the helm is the best-in-slot item for the bone spear build.

Players can farm the Deathless Visage after they unlock World Tier 3 and complete activities such as Nightmare Dungeons, World Bosses, and Helltides.

However, this does not mean the players must complete the above-mentioned activities to obtain the helm.

Players can obtain the helm through a random drop at any time in-game.

But, the players need to be in World Tier 3 or higher to be eligible to obtain the helm.

Players also claim it is much easier to obtain the unique in World Tier 4 than in World Tier 3.

This is mainly because in World Tier 4, the drop rates of Ancestral Uniques and rares are much higher than in World Tier 3.

Note: You cannot target farm the Deathless Visage Helm through the dungeons or overworld bosses.

The Bottom Line

The Deathless Visage is a great way to upgrade the player’s damage.

However, due to the rarity of the unique items, it is better to find alternatives to boost the Bone Spear skill until you find the Deathless Visage.

Hopefully, this article can help you find the Deathless Visage Helm and upgrade your build to tackle any monster in Sanctuary.

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