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What Is Demon King Bow Max Damage?

In the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players encounter numerous powerful weapons that help them on their quest.

One such powerful weapon is the Demon King Bow which deals max damage.

Demon King’s Bow is a powerful weapon acquired by defeating the Phantom Ganon. It can deal with significant damage, while its strength can be maximized by acquiring more hearts.

Here, we will discuss the Demon King’s Bow max damage potential and where to acquire it in the game.

The Power Of Demon King’s Bow

The Demon King’s Bow is a magical weapon coveted by Tears of the Kingdom fans.

As the name suggests, it was once possessed by the fearsome Demon King, Ganondorf.

Now, it is a weapon wielded by his dark servants, including the Phantom Ganon.

Additionally, the Bow possesses incredible power that is more potent with an increase in the player’s maximum number of hearts.

Therefore, with a base damage of 60, the Demon King’s Bow can deal devastating blows to enemies.

Acquiring The Demon King’s Bow

To obtain the Demon King’s Bow in Tears of the Kingdom, players must face off against the Phantom Ganon.

The challenging encounter presents an opportunity to acquire the Demon King’s Bow and the Gloom Sword, Gloom Spear, and others.

Players can obtain the Demon King’s Bow as a drop by defeating Phantom Ganon, adding this weapon to their arsenal.

Demon King Bow Max Damage
The Phantom Ganon must be defeated to acquire the weapon

How To Use The Demon King’s Bow?

The Demon King’s Bow is powerful, but you must use it effectively. Here are some tips for using it;

  1. Use it at a distance: The Demon King’s Bow has a long range, so it is best to use it at long distances that help to prevent attacks against enemies.
  2. Fire arrows in rapid succession: If you Fire arrows in rapid succession, you can gain control and defeat enemies more easily.
  3. Use it to take down large enemies: The Bow can take down even the toughest of enemies, so using it against large enemies will be helpful.
  4. Be aware of its drawbacks: One of the most significant drawbacks of the weapon is that it is one-handed. Therefore, Link cannot use a shield while using this weapon, making him more vulnerable.
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Demon King Bow Max Damage Power

Players should focus on increasing their maximum heart count to utilize the Demon King’s Bow’s power fully.

Moreover, the more hearts the player possesses, the greater the Bow’s attack power becomes.

The player can achieve Demon King Bow max damage with the following tips;

  • Completing side quests
  • Locating hidden heart containers
  • Collecting heart pieces scattered throughout the game

Moreover, players can significantly boost the weapon’s attack power by investing effort into increasing their hearts.

The Bottom Line

Finally, the Demon King’s Bow is a fearsome weapon with immense power.

As the Bow reflects the strength of its owner, increasing the player’s maximum heart count is crucial for maximizing its damage potential.

Players should increase their heart capacity to harness the Demon King’s Bow’s power fully.

Additionally, players should explore the game world and experiment with various strategies and arrow combinations.

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