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The Destiny 2 Hinterland Set: Elevate Your Look

The Hinterland Set is like a treasure trove of style and power for Hunters in Destiny 2.

Imagine adding special decorations to your armor that not only make you look awesome but might also give you some extra oomph in the game.

The Destiny 2 Hinterland Set lets you deck out your Hunter’s armor with fancy decorations called ornaments, changing its look and giving you extra powers.

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What Is Destiny 2 Hinterland Set?

The Destiny 2 Hinterland Set is like a special collection of decorative items that can be added to Hunter’s armor in the game.

These things, ornaments, can change the armor’s appearance and even give you extra abilities.

When you achieve the maximum level, you’ll get something called a Bright Engram, and these ornaments can be found inside it.

This whole Hinterland Set thing? Well, it made its entrance in Season 22 of Destiny 2.

This set is diverse, with many parts like cloaks, helmets, gloves, and more.

And guess what? Each piece is totally its own thing, with its very own look and special effects.

It’s as if you’re injecting a burst of excitement right into how your character looks!

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Different Hinterland Sets Available In Destiny 2

The purpose behind these Hinterland Sets is to give your Hunter a distinct appearance that sets them apart while also offering additional abilities.

Each piece has its own significance and visual flair.

The Hinterland sets and their unique features in Destiny 2 are listed below.

1. Hinterland Cloak

This is a special piece of cloth that Hunters wear on their backs. It’s a symbol of their achievements and status.

The Hinterland Cloak is a part of the Hinterland Set, and wearing it signifies important events in the game’s story.

hinterland cloak
The Hinterland Cloak is a special piece of cloth that Hunters wear on their backs.

2. Hinterland Cowl

The Hinterland Cowl is like a fancy hat for Hunters.

They can turn invisible when they hit enemies up close or finish them off. This is a handy trick for sneaky tactics in the game. 

hinterland cowl
The Hinterland Cowl is like a fancy hat for Hunters.

3. Hinterland Gripes

These are like gloves that Hunters wear.

Hinterland Gripes have a special connection with certain weapons, like Thorn and Osteo Striga.

Using these weapons while wearing the Hinterland Gripes can create cool poison effects and deal extra damage.

hinterland gripes
These are like gloves that Hunters wear.

4. Hinterland Strides

Hunterland Strides are basically stylish boots for Hunters.

The Strides of the Great Hunter are legendary leg armor you can find in the Last Wish raid.

They’re likely a part of the Hinterland Set, protecting your hunter and additional sprint abilities.

hinterland strides
Hunterland Strides are basically stylish boots for Hunters.

5. Hinterland Vest

The Hinterland Vest is body armor which is like a chest piece that Hunters wear.

It protects your Hunter from getting injuries in their torso.

hinterland vests
The Hinterland Vest is body armor.

Why Did Hinterland Set Disappear?

The disappearance of the Hinterland Set in Destiny 2 might be due to various reasons. 

Here are a few points that players have brought up:

1. Seasonal Content

Destiny 2 regularly releases new content each season, including new armor sets, ornaments, and items.

They introduced the Hinterland Set during a particular season in 2022.

It’s possible they took it out of the regular lineup when that season wrapped up.

2. Limited Availability

Some armor sets and ornaments in Destiny 2 are only available for a limited time.

This creates a sense of urgency and uniqueness for players who obtain them during that time frame.

After the set’s availability period ends, it might be removed from the in-game offerings.

3. Cycle Of Items

Destiny 2 operates on a cycle of content, where old items rotate out to make space for new ones.

This keeps the game fresh and encourages players to engage with new challenges and activities.

The Hinterland Set might have been cycled out to make room for newer sets and ornaments.

4. Eververse Changes

Destiny 2’s in-game store, Eververse, often features cosmetic items like armor ornaments.

Moreover, the availability of items in Eververse can change with each season or update.

The Hinterland Set might have been part of a previous Eververse offering and was replaced by new items.

5. Player Feedback

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, often listens to player feedback.

Furthermore, players might have expressed concerns or dislikes about the Hinterland Set,

So, Bungie might have removed it temporarily to make improvements based on player input.

6. Game Balance

Certain armor sets, or items can sometimes affect the game’s balance or create unintended advantages or disadvantages.

Developers might remove or modify items to maintain a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone.

7. Return To The Future

The Hinterland Set hasn’t disappeared forever; it’s just taking a break.

Destiny 2 often brings back old content in later updates or events.

The Hinterland Set might return in a future season or event for players to enjoy once again.

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The Bottom Line

The Destiny 2 Hinterland Set is like a special outfit upgrade for Hunters, with decorations called ornaments.

Furthermore, these parts include cloaks, helmets, gloves, vests, and boots each with a unique style.

Even though it might have disappeared for now, Destiny 2 often surprises players by bringing things back or introducing new stuff.

So, keep an eye out – your Hunter’s style journey might not be over!

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