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Is The Serpentine Path Bugged In Diablo 4?

Serpentine Path is a side quest in Diablo 4 which is a part of the Dirge of the Mire questline.

However, the players tackling the Serpentine path are coming across some bugs. 

The Serpentine Path quest in Diablo 4 is currently bugged. However, it prevents the snake from appearing, making it impossible to progress. Additionally, players may be able to complete the quest a lot faster through the new path. 

In this article, we will explore the bug with Serpentine Path and how to solve the issue.

What Is The Serpentine Path In Diablo 4? 

The Serpentine Path is a new dungeon in Diablo 4 that promises to challenge and reward players with its twisting layout and deadly enemies.

It is a campaign quest that will come across this quest in Act 5

This quest instructs players to follow the serpent with their allies, beginning in Hawezar.

Objectives Of The Serpentine Path In Diablo 4

Players must complete a set of objectives to complete the Serpentine path in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, the quest contains some prerequisites to start the quest as well. 

Here you can find the ways to complete the Serpentine Path.

  1. First, complete the Main Quest, Judgement of the Swamp
  2. Then, go and speak with Lorath and follow Neyrelle. 
follow neyrelle
Go and speak with Lorath and follow Neyrelle. Image credit:
  1. Then, speak with Neyrelle and follow the serpent with your allies. 
  2. Here, you must survive the ambush. 
survive the ambush
You must survive the ambush. Image credit:
  1. Then reach Neyrelle and, finally, escape the sinking Detritus

After completing all the required steps, the player will obtain Experience and Gold.

This means this quest does not provide players with an item to use. 

Is The Serpentine Path Bugged In Diablo 4? 

Yes, the Serpentine Path quest step in Diablo 4 is bugged for some players. 

The players can come across a bug while completing the Serpentine Path.

When the players start the quest, they will encounter the bug if they go toward the road while following the serpent. 

This is the only way that players can come across the bug, and there is no other way to replicate the bug.

Furthermore, this means that the entire quest is bugged just by following the wrong path.

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How To Solve The Serpentine Path Bug In Diablo 4?

Players can solve the bug by taking a different route to the endpoint of the quest.

Alternatively, you can solve the bug by reaching the endpoint towards the road and around the serpent. 

However, if the players go straight toward the endpoint rather than winding through the road, players will not come across this bug. 

Path to solve Serpentine path bug
Players need to take the path to solve the Serpentine path bug.

You can see that the red arrow marks the route that they normally take.

This route always leads to the players encountering a bug with Serpentine Path.

However, players will not encounter the bug if they take the route with the green markings. 

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The Bottom Line

The Serpentine Path is a new and exciting dungeon in Diablo 4, but it also has some bugs and glitches that can spoil your fun.

Blizzard is working on fixing them, but until then, you can try some of the tips and tricks we have shared in this article.

Hopefully, this article can guide you on completing the Serpentine path quest and solve the bug in case you encounter it. 

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