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How To Disassemble And Move Palbox In Palworld?

Palworld is an open-world game where you are given creatures known as pals to capture and battle with.

One of those items is a Palbox, which is used as an area of base to store the captured Pals all in one place.

To Disassemble Palbox in Palworld, you need to press R3 on your controller or C on a keyboard and mouse setup to enter the Disassembly mode. Furthermore, you can destroy the palbox and essentially move it somewhere else. 

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What Is Palbox In Palworld?

Palbox is a tier-2 technology item that requires 1 point to unlock and build in your base.

It is a special container that allows players to carry and manage their pals as they explore the landscapes.

Palbox In Palworld
Players can use a palbox to travel fast to different locations and storage.

Moreover, it stores your Pals and is crucial in resource management and accessibility.

The area around this structure will become your base as you start to build a palbox in the Palworld.

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How To Disassemble Palbox In Palworld?

Palboxes serve as portable storage units, aiding players in managing their Pal creatures during their journey.

While they are valuable companions, there are occasions when disassembling a Palbox becomes necessary.

That’s when you decide to shift your base to another location for expansion or accessibility.

Follow these steps to disassemble Palbox in Palword.

1. Enter The Button

After pressing R3 or C, you will receive a dialogue that says Disassembly mode which allows you to destroy things.

In addition, you must choose this option, go near the Palbox location, and follow the further steps.

2. Choose The Palbox

Once you are near the Palbox, right click and you will receive another message to destroy the Palbox.

Furthermore, ensure you know the consequences before disassembling the Palbox.

palworld disassemble Palbox
Press C on the keyboard and R3 on the Controller and choose Palbox to disassemble it in Palworld.

3. Confirm Disassembly

Once you’ve chosen the Palbox, a dialogue box will appear asking for your confirmation.

Hence, you should confirm your decision to disassemble the Palbox, and the process will begin.

4. Recovered Materials

Upon completing the disassembly process, you’ll receive some materials used to craft the Palbox.

These materials will be added to your inventory and can be used to craft it again in a new location.

What Happens If You Disassemble Palbox?

Palbox is a place where you can store all the Pals and other resources as a base for you in Palworld.

So, as you disassemble the Palbox, all the Pals and the resources inside will scatter around the ground.

It can be a pain if you have many resources in Palbox as you have to pick it up manually.

Therefore, before Disassembling Palbox, collect all the resources first and then move on to process.

This will save you time and ensure that anything won’t get lost after disassembling the Palbox.

The Bottom Line

Disassembling Palboxes in Palworld is a straightforward process that allows players to recover valuable resources.

Whether you’re optimizing your base or adapting to new challenges, the ability to disassemble Palboxes adds a layer of flexibility.

Therefore, make sure to understand the consequences before disassembling the Palbox in Palworld.

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