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Palworld Legendary Armor: Secret Chest And Craft

Palworld is a survival adventure game that requires you with the best gear possible, which is the legendary armor.

However, getting legendary armor is very difficult in Palworld which is very crucial for survival.

In Palworld, legendary armor is what most players desire to get for adventuring, fighting the boss, or exploring dungeons. Furthermore, there are only two ways to get the legendary armor which are from secret chest and crafting.
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What Is The Legendary Armor In Palworld?

Legendary armor is the highest tier of armor in Palworld, offering the highest stats and protection.

Furthermore, the Legendary armor can be distinguished by its color and unique design.

There are different types of legendary armor, such as helmets, chestplates, gloves, boots, and accessories.

Each type of armor has its benefits and drawbacks, such as weight, durability, and special effects.

Tropical Outfit
Tropical Outfit is a legendary armor in Palworld.

Legendary armor is not easy to come by in Palworld. You need to find or craft them using rare materials and schematics.

Schematics are blueprints that show you how to make legendary armor at your workbench.

You can find schematics in various ways, such as looting chests, buying from merchants, or completing dungeons.

Schematics are not consumed when you use them, so you can craft multiple copies of the same armor if you have enough materials.

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How To Get Legendary Armor In Palworld?

There are two main ways to get legendary armor in Palworld: finding them in secret chests or crafting them at your workbench.

Both methods require some luck and effort, but they are worth it if you want to boost your combat and survival skills.

1. Finding In Secret Chests

One way to get legendary armor is to find them in secret chests hidden throughout the world.

These chests are usually located in hard-to-reach places, such as high cliffs, deep caves, or hidden islands.

You may need to use your Pals’ abilities, such as flying, swimming, or digging, to access these chests.

Secret Chests
Use your Pal to find the Secret Chests.

Secret chests can contain various items, such as gold, materials, weapons, and armor.

The quality of the items depends on the rarity of the chest, which is indicated by its color.

The chest colors are gray, green, blue, purple, and gold, from lowest to highest rarity.

The higher the rarity, the better the chance of finding legendary armor.

However, the rarity of the chest is also random, so you may need to search for a long time before you find a gold chest.

2. Crafting On Your Workbench

Another way to get legendary armor is to craft them at your workbench using schematics and materials.

You can find schematics in the same way as finding secret chests, but they are more common and easier to obtain.

You can also buy schematics from the wandering merchant, who sells different types of schematics for 500 gold each.

The merchant can be found in the small settlement at 74, -486, or sometimes at your base.

To craft legendary armor, you need to have the schematic in your inventory and interact with your workbench.

Use schematics to craft legendary armor.

The schematic will show up on the crafting menu, along with the list of materials required to make it.

The materials vary depending on the type of armor.

They include common items, such as wood, stone, metal, and cloth, as well as rare items, such as gems, pearls, and scales.

You can find materials by harvesting resources, hunting Pals, or trading with merchants.

The crafting process takes some time, depending on the rarity of the armor.

The higher the rarity, the longer it takes to craft. Once the crafting is done, you can equip the armor and enjoy its benefits.

The Bottom Line

Legendary armor is the ultimate goal for many players in Palworld, as it provides the best protection in the game.

You can get legendary armor by finding them in secret chests or crafting them at your workbench.

With legendary armor, you can face any challenge and adventure in Palworld with confidence and style.

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