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Does Vasco Have A Companion Quest In Starfield?

Starfield is no stranger to companion characters throughout its galaxy, including Vasco.

He is one of the 20 companions in Starfield, who is a robotic character.

Vasco is a companion character who is a constellation expedition robot in Starfield. Unfortunately, it does not have a companion quest linked to its storyline and is not a romanceable companion.

Here, we will dive deeper into the details of Vasco and his storyline.

Who Is Vasco In Starfield?

Companion characters add dialogue options and help during combat.

Vasco is a Constellation expedition robot and a companion character in Starfield.

Additionally, the robot was made to meet the requirements of Constellation missions.

It is a utilitarian and can survive on deep space missions.

Furthermore, it can walk over difficult terrain and has additional payload capacity.

Vasco is also equipped with different types of weapons.

Therefore, it can defend itself during combat but cannot win the battle alone.

How To Recruit Vasco In Starfield?

Vasco is one of the first companions you can recruit in Starfield.

Here is the step-by-step guide to recruiting Vasco in Starfield.

  1. Participate in the One Small Step mission of the Constellation.
  2. During the mission, you will be able to interact with Vasco.
  3. You can engage in diverse dialogue with Vasco and learn about his backstory.
  4. You can ask him to join your crew.
Vasco Recruit
Ask Vasco to recruit him as your companion.
  1. He will be happy to assist you in your assigned post.
Vasco Assigned Post
Vasco will work as your companion character to the post you assign.
  1. Assign Vasco to the post of Frontier of the ship.
Recruit Vasco to you crew
Recruit Vasco to your crew as your companion.
  1. He will work for you as the captain of the Frontier.
Vasco Frontier Captain
You can recruit Vasco as the Frontier Captain of your ship.

There are additional benefits to recruiting Vasco.

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Does Vasco Have A Storyline Quest?

Like the Adoring Fan, Vasco is also not a romance option in Starfield.

Unlike the Adoring Fan, who is obsessed with you, Vasco is straight to the point and a loyal companion.

Starfield has other companions who have a romance option.

Andreja, Barret, Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan are the only romanceable companions.

However, one thing players are interested in is the storyline quest of Vasco.

Unfortunately, Vasco does not have a companion quest.

Players have loved other companion quests, such as the Sarah Morgan quest.

Vasco Companion Quest Reddit
Reddit player expressing the need for Vasco’s quest storyline

Furthermore, players can flirt with Sarah Morgan and make her their ally. Befriending and making Sarah Morgan your ally will lead to a Memoriam.

However, there are no such quests linked with Vasco in Starfield.

But Vasco has three different skills that can be helpful to your player character;

  1. Shield Systems: Second Rank skill
  2. Aneutronic Fusion: First Rank skill
  3. EM Weapon System: First Rank skill

Is Vasco Bugged In Starfield?

Many players have also been experiencing the bug regarding Vasco.

Some have reported that he was not shooting, while others suggest he disappears mid-combat.

Vasco bug
Reddit user explaining about the Vasco bug

Here are a few things that can help you prevent these bugs.

  1. Check if it has sufficient ammunition to use its weapons effectively.
  2. Use weapons and armor that support Vasoc’s style of combat.
  3. Double-check if it is all right while embarking on a mission.
Vasco another bug companion quest starfield
Vasco also experiences minor bugs, like being on a weird part of the ship

If you take all the preventative measures and the issue persists, try contacting Bethesda support.

Or you could also voice your issues and concerns on Reddit or Steam group discussions.

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The Bottom Line

Vasco is the first companion character you will meet in Starfield.

He is a robotic character with skills like shield systems, aneutronic fusion, and EM weapon systems.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a companion quest, which has disappointed many fans.

But keep you peeled for any updates, as they may add a companion quest in the future.

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