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What Is The Drop Rate Of Doombringer In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 is an action RPG that allows players to create characters according to their playstyles.

Furthermore, the game also features a selection of Unique items that can define your build for the rest of the playthrough of Diablo 4. 

Doombringer is a unique two-handed Sword in Diablo 4 that boasts great stats that players desire and can define their builds after they obtain the Sword. However, unlike other unique items, Doombringer seems to have some of the lowest drop rates in the game.

Continue reading to learn where to find the Doombringer Sword and its stats.

What Is DoomBringer In Diablo 4?

Doombringer is a unique Sword in Diablo 4. However, unlike other uniques which are class-specific, any class in the game can equip the Doombringer.

The Doombringer provides players with a chance on a lucky hit.

Here are the stats players can gain from equipping the DoomBringer Unique Sword;

  • Increased Critical Strike Damage
  • Increased Core Skill Damage
  • Lucky Hit: Chance To Heal
  • Increased Maximum Life
  • Unique Trait: Lucky Hit; Upto a [15-25%] chance to deal [X] Shadow Damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their damage done by 20% for 5 seconds.
DoomBringer In game Model With Stats In Diablo 4.
DoomBringer In-Game Model With Stats In Diablo 4.

The Unique trait and the Chance to heal makes this weapon one of the best items for players to obtain.

Especially if the players are playing a physical damage-based character.

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Where Can You Find Doombringer In Diablo 4? 

Players can farm the Doombringer from dungeons in World Tier 4. Furthermore, these dungeons must be Level 85+ for the unique Sword to be droppable. 

Additionally, some sources claim that players can target farm the Sword in the Champion’s Demise dungeon; however, the dungeon needs to be Level 85+. 

Champion's Demise Dungeon For DoomBringer Drop Chance In Diablo 4.
Champion’s Demise Dungeon For DoomBringer Drop Chance in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, the dungeon contains massive numbers of Goatmen, which can pose quite a bit of a threat to the players.

However, if you drop this unique item, the gander you took will be worth it. 

A fair note is that for dungeons to be level 85+, the World Tier will be World Tier 4.

This means that most of the monsters you will meet will be very strong, and your chances of dying are significantly higher. 

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What Is The Drop Rate Of Doombringer In Diablo 4? 

Unfortunately, the Drop rate for the Doombringer Sword is abysmal; by Abysmal, we mean nearly 0.1% chance

Furthermore, because of the Drop rate of the unique Sword, the community for Diablo 4 has voiced its dissatisfaction.

Additionally, Doombringer is not the Unique item with such drop rates; Blizzard recently showcased five more unique items with similar Drop rates. 

However, players expect the Drop chances to increase in later patches. Only one player has obtained the Doombringer Sword in the entire game. 

The Bottom Line

Unique items can be build-defining for players; however, Blizzard’s approach to some unique items is rather upsetting.

This is mainly due to the items having insanely low drop rates.

But, shortly, Blizzard will likely increase the drop rate for these unique items. 

Hopefully, this article can help you find the Doombringer Unique Sword and use it in your build in the world of Sanctuary. 

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