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Dragoncult Sickle Loot Table Item In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 recently introduced the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, which offers new loot items such as the Dragoncult Sickle.

However, players online are confused about how to obtain this weapon since the dungeon is a recent addition.

In Destiny 2, players can obtain a legendary item called the Dragon cult Sickle by defeating the dungeon boss Hefn’s Vengeance. Also, this is a melee weapon of the Strand element which is in the Castor Frame Sword category.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Dragoncult Sickle in Destiny 2.

Introduction To Dragoncult Sickle In Destiny 2

Dragoncult Sickle is part of one of the many items in the new armor and weapon loot collection.

Also, it is a free-to-play player item, meaning that it can be obtained just by playing the game.

Dragonscult sickle destiny 2
The in-game appearance of the Dragoncult Sickle.

In fact, players can obtain this item by taking part in the new Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

In General, this sword is of the Strand element of the Castor Frame sword category.

Additionally, Dragoncult Sickle is a loot item of legendary rarity with 2 unique perks.

However, players can only do melee damage with this sword, adding a unique battle mechanism.

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How To Get the Dragoncult Sickle?

As aforementioned, players can partake in the Warlord’s ruin to get a chance to receive this item.

However, they should note that it is only dropped by the boss: Hefn’s Vengeance.

Hefns Vengeance
Defeat Hefn’s Vengeance Boss to receive the legendary sword.

Moreover, Hefn’s Vengeance is one of the three bosses that appear at the end of the quest.

Therefore, players must defeat all three bosses and clear the dungeon to get the Dragoncult Sickle.

Also, getting this item is very rare as it is of legendary rarity and is only dropped by one boss.

Hence, players might have to replay the dungeon again and again to get this item even once.

Perks Of The Dragoncult Sickle

Before discussing the strengths and weaknesses of this sword, players must first learn about its perks.

Also, players must note that these perks are randomized for every drop of the sword.

Here are all the perks of the Dragoncult Sickle in Destiny 2:

S.NPerk 1Perk 2
1.Tireless BladeWhirlwind Blade
2.Assassin's BladeSurrounded
3.DemolitionistChain Reaction
4.UnrelentingGolden Tricorn
5.Duelist's TranceHatchling
6.SliceAttrition Orbs

Among the above perks, Unrelenting, Surrounded and Golden Tricorn should be top priority perks for players.

Firstly, Unrelenting allows players to regain HP, every every time they kill an enemy.

Secondly, with Golden Tricorn, players will receive a 15% damage buff for seven seconds per every last hit.

Finally, players will receive a 40% increased damage boost if three or more enemies are near them.

Therefore, when players do not receive these perks on the sword, they should replay the entire dungeon.

The Bottom Line

The Dragoncult Sickle is the only melee weapon in the new loot crate lineup in Destiny 2’s new dungeon update.

However, players must pursue this item as it provides a unique battlefield experience in the game.

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