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Fixes Of Failed To Join Team Battle In My Hero Ultra Rumble

Many players have failed to join the team battle in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Thankfully, this issue is just limited to specific platforms.

Failed to join the team battle in My Hero Ultra Rumble is an ongoing issue on Xbox. To overcome this, players should visit their profile and disband the party. Else, users can try restarting the game and Xbox.

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Failed To Join Team Battle In My Hero Ultra Rumble Issue

When players enter any match with their team, the system suddenly denies the request.

Players are getting a Failed to Join message and returning to the main menu.

Even though the game is available, including Windows, PlayStation and Nintendo, only Xbox players complain about the issue.

Failed to Join issue occurs for Xbox users after the latest patch update on October 12.

The update has fixed communication, training mode, and queue issues and balanced the game but it has created a significant issue again.

Due to the issue, players can’t enjoy the game or play with their party members.

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Failed To Join Team Battle In My Hero Ultra Rumble: Solutions

If players are unable to enter the matchmaking with the team, follow the given procedures,

1. Restart Xbox

The team battle issue is only occurring on the Xbox platforms, so try to restart the system and launch the game. To restart the Xbox,

  • Press   the button on the console and press Profile & System.
  •  Click Settings and search for General options.
  • Open the Power option and select Restart Now.

2. In-game Solution

if players still can’t run the game, they should use some techniques in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Initially, players should load the battle until they see an error.

Players should then visit their user profile and disband the team to solve the issue.

failed to join team battle my hero ultra rumble
Disband the party and re-enter the battle.

3. Relaunch My Hero Ultra Rumble

In many cases, just a simple trick can run the game smoothly and fix minor bugs.

Players should try closing the game relaunching it and starting the Team Battle.

Moreover, players can also re-install the game on their Xbox.

4. Wait For An Update

Many have heard several queries from Xbox users, Bandai Namco should be working on the Team Battle issue.

The next update or a hotfix should be coming soon, so be sure to keep track of the Social media updates or the news.

For the best use, leave the game for auto-update for My Hero Ultra Rumble.

The Bottom Line

Due to the Failed Team Battle issue, players are unable to start ranked or unranked games and cannot progress through.

Hopefully, Bandai Namco will come up with a solution or a hot fix soon.

Until then, players can opt to switch from Xbox if they can access other systems.

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