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Filro The Forgotten In BG3: How To Defeat It?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing video game featuring a lineup of special, unique, and consequential enemies known as Bosses.

Usually, players encounter the bosses at the end of the chapter of the primary campaign mode.

In BG3, Filro The Forgotten is a powerful and challenging boss with access to many spells. However, players can defeat him by focusing on the hook horrors first, using ranged attacks, and using crowd control spells.

This article will guide you on the Filro The Forgotten Boss in Baldurs Gate 3, and how to defeat it.

Who Is Filro The Forgotten In BG3?

Bosses in BG3 are the challenging, unique foes you must fight to advance further.

One of the challenging bosses players encounter in BG3 is Filro The Forgotten.

Further, he is the powerful boss in BG3, which players can encounter in the Dread Hollow, a region of UnderDark.

Additionally, this boss is one of the three drow aware of the presence of the Adamantine Forge.

Even though the boss is challenging, players can easily defeat it if they thoroughly understand its ability and move sets.

Filro The Forgotten
Filro the Forgotten is the mage that prefers to fight at a distance.

Furthermore, this boss can cast long-range spells, control the battlefield, and summon demons.

Additionally, the Filro boss is accompanied by a pack of hook horrors.

Likewise, it can close up to you and your party and deal much damage.

This boss requires patience, planning, and coordination with party members to win because it has many abilities and range attacks.

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How To Defeat Filro The Forgotten Boss In BG3?

Filro The Forgotten is a challenging boss, but with strategic planning, and execution, it can be defeated.

You can focus on the hook horrors first and try to take them individually.

Similarly, use range weapons and take out the hook horrors.

Here are some tips to defeat Filro The Forgotten Boss:

1. Focus On Hook Horrors First

Hook Horrors are relatively slow and weaker than Filro the Forgotten.

Defeating them will be easy, and they will also deal less damage.

Furthermore, they can be a distraction while you fight with Filro first.

Hook Horrors can easily flask and kill your party, so you must focus on them first.

2. Use Ranged Attacks

Fighting a close-range fight with a mage-type boss will make you an easy target and more likely to be hit by their spells.

Hence, you can attack the Filro with ranged weapons and spells to fight it from a distance.

Furthermore, you can also use the range attack to deal with hook horrors.

3. Use Crowd Control Spell

You can gather all the enemies into one area using the crowd Control spell.

If you have the Crowd Control spell, that will be very effective against Filro and Hook Horror.

Moreover, this spell can prevent them from attacking, and you can deal massive damage to all of them at once.

Additional Tip To Defeat Filro The Forgotten

Defeating this boss will be tough, so be patient and do not rush things, or you will be overwhelmed.

You should focus on the target, and use the environment to your advantage.

Then, use the crowd control spell and ranged attacks to defeat the boss easily.

Furthermore, you will have a good chance of defeating this boss if you have guilt in your party.

Glut’s Spore Cloud ability can deal damage to all enemies within the area, and it can also slow them.

The Bottom Line

Filro The Forgotten is the problematic Boss players encounter in the Dread Hollow in BG3.

Players can defeat it using range attacks, focusing on hook horror, and using crowd control spells.

Furthermore, players can learn more about Filro after he is defeated using the Scroll of Speak with Death.

Hopefully, this article will help to defeat Filro’s Boss and claim special rewards.

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