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How To Find The Poisonous Beast Master In Baldur’s Gate 3?

One of the questlines players can undertake in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the “Avenge the Drowned.”

This quest involves tracking down the mastermind behind the death of one of Umberlee’s servants.

To find the poisonous Beast Master in the “Avenge the Drowned” quest, track clues from Grey Harbor to Flymm’s Cargo warehouse, confront Redhammer the Deviser controlling the deadly submersible, and decide whether to avenge Holli by killing him or spare him.

This article will guide you in completing the “Avenge the Drowned” quest, including where to find the poisonous Beast Master.

Who Is The Poisonous Beast Master?

The individual behind Holli’s death is an inventor and tinkerer named Redhammer the Deviser.

Redhammer operates from a hidden workshop beneath the Flymm’s Cargo warehouse in Grey Harbor.

He has created various mechanical gadgets, including a submersible vehicle, the “beast” responsible for Holli’s accidental drowning.

Redhammer’s creations have caused problems before by interfering with Umberlee’s followers, making him a target for the Waveservants’ vengeance.

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Where To Start Avenge The Drowned?

The “Avenge the Drowned” quest line becomes available during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

To pick it up, travel to the southern region of the Lower City known as Grey Harbor.

Here, you will find the House of the Water Queen, home to Flood Tide Allandra Grey and her Waveservants.

Allandra is holding a funeral for Holli, and requests help locating her killer.

Speak with Allandra to be given the first objective of finding the poisonous beast’s master.

poisonous beast master
Allandra is holding a funeral for Holli, and requests help locating her killer.

Objective 1: Find The Poisonous Beast Master

Allandra directs you to speak with fishermen at Grey Harbor docks for leads.

They’ll reveal that Holli’s body washed ashore in this area upon questioning them.

They will also reveal that they witnessed a large, unknown creature enter the waters near Flymm’s Cargo warehouse to the east.

This establishes Flymm’s Cargo as the subsequent investigation point.

Objective 2: Search Flymm’s Cargo For Clues

Head to Flymm’s Cargo and enter through the large metal doors.

Correspondingly defeat any enemies inside, like worgs or goblins.

Thoroughly search the main warehouse level, but you won’t find many clues here.

Exploring The Exterior And Interior Of Flymm’s Cargo

The large metal doors stand locked, but you can pick it with sufficient thieves’ tools proficiency.

Inside, the main level appears as an ordinary, if cluttered, storage facility.

cargo poisonous beast master
Explore the Flymm’s Cargo.

Barrels, crates, and debris provide ample places for enemies like goblins or worgs to ambush from.

Defeating them yields no clues, suggesting the real answers lie below the depths.

Objective 3: Explore The basement Of Flymm’s Cargo

On the left side of the warehouse is a hidden hatch concealed beneath some crates.

Interact with it to descend into the basement levels below Flymm’s Cargo.

Continue south and enter the “Machine Parts Storage” room, following it to another door labeled “Subaquatic Docks.”

Uncovering The Hidden Basement Hatch

On the left wall near the back, a section of crates has been arranged to conceal a recessed hatch in the floor partially.

Interacting with it, the hatch opens, revealing a wooden ladder descending into darkness.

Brave adventurers who follow find their first steps into the more excellent mystery unfolding beneath the docks of Grey Harbor.

Mapping The Maze Of Subterranean Passageways

The first basement level proves a twisting network of storerooms, maintenance corridors, and abandoned machinery once used by the docks above.

Careful exploration rewards players with supplies, loot stashed away, and their first glimpse into the full extent of Redhammer’s underground domain.

Pressing deeper takes investigators through a “Machine Parts Storage” area and into the “Subaquatic Docks” beyond.

Objective 4: Deal With Redhammer, The Deviser

Passing through, the final door opens onto a metal bridge area, which is suspended over water.

In his lair, you will encounter Redhammer the Deviser controlling his mechanical submersible vehicle.

Confront Redhammer about Holli’s death, he will admit to the accidental killing but claim it was not intentional.

You now have the option to kill Redhammer on the spot to avenge Holli or let him live.

poisonous master beast
Confront Redhammer about Holli’s death.

Objective 5: Return To Flood Tide Allandra Grey

If you kill Redhammer, simply return to the Water Queen’s House to inform Allandra that you have already encountered the beast and its master, completing the quest.

If Redhammer lives, additional steps may occur depending on the choices made.

Rewards You Will Obtain By Solving The Quest

Upon reporting back to Allandra Grey, they will reward you based on how you solved the quest.

Typical rewards include gold, experience, and potentially a magic item.

Moreover, completing quests advances other storylines and builds a reputation with factions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

You can find the “Poisonous Beast Master” behind Holli’s death by following the trail of clues from Grey Harbor to the hidden depths beneath Flymm’s Cargo warehouse.

Players who undertake this quest line will gain valuable experience, loot, and story insights while avenging the fallen servant of Umberlee.

Careful investigation and combat skills are required to see the mystery solved.

Happy Gaming!

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