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How To Acquire Ale In Skull And Bones?

Ale in Skull & Bones is not just a beverage but also a valuable trade good and pirate favorite.

In general, you can utilize Ale strategically to fund your adventures, earn coins, and maintain crew morale.

However, it’s important to note that some players have encountered glitches with the delivery crate.

But restarting the game or manipulating the Ale in the island’s cache may resolve the issue.

Continue reading to learn more about Ale and how to acquire it in Skull and Bones.

Ale In Skull And Bones 

Ale in Skull & Bones is a prized commodity cherished by pirates and traders alike.

It holds a special place in the hearts of sailors, known for its ability to boost enthusiasm and companionship among crewmates.

In the game, Ale is categorized under the Compagnie Commodity group, alongside other goods like tobacco, wine, and relics.

These commodities are essential for the game’s economy and can be traded, smuggled, or looted for profit.

 pirate's favorite item
Ale is a pirate’s favorite item categorized under the Compagnie Commodity group.

Players can acquire Ale through different means: they can purchase it from vendors in La Bastide or seize it by raiding merchant ships.

Once obtained, Ale can be traded with vendors for a profit or used to complete specific quests or contracts within the game.

One such contract involves smuggling Ale to a designated location, usually marked by a wooden crate near Fort Louis.

Therefore, players must find the crate and interact with it to fulfill the contract.

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Ways To Achieve Ale In Skull And Bones 

There are two ways to acquire Ale in Skull and Bones:

1. Purchase From Vendors

You can visit the bustling city of La Bastide, the faction’s capital.

Also, seek out vendors who trade in Ale alongside other goods.

Accordingly, you can expect to pay around 540 coins per unit.

This particular method is safe and reliable sourcing with a guaranteed supply.

However, it requires spending your hard-earned coins.

2. Plunder From Merchant Ships

Significantly, you can raid merchant ships sailing near Saint Anne.

You can also engage in naval combat to seize control of the vessel.

Comparatively, this method is free but beware of the risks to your ship and crew.

In this situation, you have the chance to acquire large quantities without upfront costs.

Not to mention, it is a risky endeavor that demands combat prowess and strategic thinking.

pay around 540 coins
You must pay around 540 coins per unit for Ale.

3. Trading With Other Players

The first thing to remember is to connect with other players in the game who possess Ale.

Also, you need to engage in trades or exchanges for Ale with other players.

This method has the potential to acquire Ale without direct expenditure.

However, it requires social interaction and negotiation skills but trade may not always be mutually beneficial.

How To Smuggle Ale In Skull And Bones?

By adhering to these steps, you can successfully undertake smuggling missions:

1. Contract Acquisition

Firstly, look for contracts labeled “Smuggle Ale” or similar variants within the game.

They are typically available from quest givers or mission boards in various locations.

In general, accepting the contract initiates the smuggling mission.

Also, remember to take note of the designated delivery location or crate where you must deliver the ale.

2. Obtaining Ale

You can obtain ale through various means, such as

  • Purchasing it from vendors
  • Raiding it from merchant ships
  • Trading with other players

Also, ensure you possess sufficient quantities of ale to fulfill the smuggling contract.

Utilize your in-game map or quest markers to navigate to the specified delivery location.

3. Locating The Crate

SImilaryl, conduct a thorough search of the vicinity near the designated location for a wooden crate marked with a star icon.

This crate serves as the drop-off point for the smuggled ale.

Then, approach the wooden crate and interact with it to deposit the ale.

At this point, you can follow any on-screen prompts or instructions to complete the delivery process.

Finally, expect potential rewards or progression towards other objectives as a result of successfully fulfilling the contract.

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