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How To Get Gambit Memento And Its Shader In Destiny 2?

Players of Destiny 2 are excited about Gambit Memento and its exclusive Shader.

By playing the gambit mode, players can win the Gambit Memento.

Gambit Memento is a Legendary Memento obtained from Gambit game mode. It gives different perks when inserted into a shaped weapon. Upon reaching Level 30, players will get the Scaly Keepsake Shader.

This article discusses Gambit Memento and how to obtain it in Destiny 2.

What Is Gambit Memento?

As already mentioned, Gambit Memento is a legendary Memento that can be obtained through Gambit.

Similarly, it has a maximum capacity of 1. You can’t use or store another Memento unless you equip it.

Gambit Memento depends on luck, it is the only Memento that players obtain commonly as compared to others.

gambit memento destiny 2
Gambit Memento with its attributes.

Similarly, Gambit Memento can drop randomly upon completing a Gambit match.

Basically, you have to defeat other enemies while collecting the required items to summon the boss.

Afterward, summon the boss “The Primeval” and then defeat him.

Likewise, if it drops the Memento, then you can use it to equip a crafted weapon.

Additionally, Gambit Mementos can be inserted into Shaped Weapons also known as Crafted Weapons.

Likewise, You can create a shaped weapon through Weapon Shaping.

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How To Obtain Shader And Perks Of Gambit Memento?

Firstly, Gambit Memento provides unique bonuses that can be obtained after reaching certain levels.

Similarly, you have to select a shaped weapon. You can create it through Weapons Crafting. The bonuses are:

1. Level 1

When you equip a Gambit Memento, it will give you different perks.

Likewise, you can toggle it on your preference for a weapon.

It will give Gambit Memento Tracker, which can track the number of targets defeated in Gambit.

Similarly, your weapon also obtains Kill Tracker, allowing you to count non-guardian and guardian kills.

Likewise, you will obtain Crucible Tracker, which allows you to count Guardian kills.

Upon toggling a perk, you can’t use another perk.

2. Level 20

Similarly, upon reaching level 20, you will unlock the Primeval Usuroer title.

It shows the honor that you obtained by defeating the boss Primeval.

Likewise, it is only visible on the weapon’s details screen in Destiny 2.

3. Level 30

When you hit level 30, you will obtain a unique shader called Scaly Keepsake.

It is the last reward that you will obtain Shader from upgrading the weapon equipped with Gambit Memento.

Scaly Keepsake Shader From Gambit Memento

Scaly Keepsake is a Legendary Shader that doesn’t appear in collections.

It can only be used on weapons equipped with a Gambit Memento and unlocked upon reaching Level 30.

You can preview any Shaped Weapon through the shader selection menu.

Scaly Keepsake shader
Players can see the appearance when you equipping a Scaly Keepsake Shader.

The Shader has Green as the primary color, Black as the secondary color, and has scales like a snake.

Likewise, the snake-like texture and animation of the scales make it look aggressive.

According to the discussion, it is found that players are more fond of this kind of skin.

Although it can be only equipped with crafted weapons, it shows its legendary category by its looks and animations.

However, it doesn’t count in the collection nevertheless more percentage like the skin.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, the Gambit Memento is a rare cosmetic that is obtained on defeating the boss in Destiny 2.

Although it depends upon your luck it is more likely to drop commonly than other Mementos.

Since it is rare and gives a legendary shader, players are more likely to love the skin color and animations

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