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How To Complete Goodness Is Rare In HSR?

Goodness Is Rare in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) is a side quest that involves making morally correct choices.

In this mission, players have to explore and find all memories of Tizocic II and restore them.

However, players will also have to fight with assassins and hostile creatures to save Tizocic II.

Continue reading to learn about Goodness Is Rare, how to complete it, and how to make an appropriate team for it in HSR.

Goodness Is Rare Mission In HSR

Goodness Is Rare is a quest that revolves around Tizocic II in the Golden Hour area.

Players must gather Tizocic II’s emotions and restore them to complete the quest.

However, the task will be hard as you must explore and deal with enemies throughout the quest.

Players can complete the finding of Tizocic II’s emotions but the quest will become hard afterwards.

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Goodness Is Rare Mission Guide In HSR

As Goodness Is Rare quest revolves around Tizocic II, the main objective is to restore her memories.

In HSR, players have to complete different phases in the quest Goodness Is Rare.

1. Find Tizocic II’s Emotions

Tizocic II is located in Herta’s Golden Hour quarter, near the “Drunken Dream Ticker” shop.

Then, talk to her to understand the situation of Tizocic II.

goodness is rare map
Head to this location to get Angry Gear.

Afterward, absorb the emotions of the children near the location then you will get Angry Gear.

Then, return to Tizocic II and use the angry gear to fix the Clockwork and unlock the emo dial.

goodness is rare clock
Use the obtained Angry Gear to unlock the Emo Dial.

Therefore, you will completely find the emotions of Tizocic II and then she will disappear and have to ensure her safety.

2. Ensure Her Safety

Players will have to find the assassin and protect Tizocic II to proceed further in the quest.

Navigate using the map to the marked location to find Tizocic II and protect her.

Therefore, you will have to fight with the hostile creatures to save Tizocic II without harming her.

goodness is rare fight png
Fight to protect Tizocic II in HSR.

Later, you will obtain an item named “component from a certain Ruin” and use it in the emo dial to progress further.

3. Escape The Princess

After using the item in the emo dial, you will have to travel to the memories of the Pupsha Empire.

Then, you will have to escort the Princess and drive out of the city while navigating through the locations on the map.

goodness is rare save princess
Drive out of the city without being detected.

4. Tizocic Remembers Everything

After escaping the princess from the city, you will have to follow the objective as Tizocic has become a Ruthless Ruler.

As the quest progresses, you must fight and defeat some guards using a power team as she remembers every memory.

Players will get the achievement of the completion of the quest Goodness Is Rare.

Players will also get items like Stellar Jade, Traveller’s Guide, Refined Aether, Tyrant, Clock Credits, Credits, and so on.

Therefore, this quest has many combat sections, so players require a proper team to win a fight.

How To Create Appropriate Team For Goodness Is Rare?

Understanding the abilities and combos of attacks in a team is crucial. Here are some tips to make a perfect team:

  1. Character Synergy: Ensure that characters’ talents complement one another.
  2. Elemental Affinities: Consider elemental strengths and weaknesses to create a well-rounded team.
  3. Character Roles: Create a team with various roles, including DPS, healers, shielders, and supports.
  4. Variety and Balance: A balanced squad should have a mix of DPS, support, and defensive characters.
  5. Skill Point Utilization: Aim for a squad that is at least skill point neutral to employ skills throughout battle consistently.
  6. Squad Playstyle: Align your squad with your preferred playstyle, whether aggressive or defensive, based on your preferences and game requirements.

With these tips, players can build a well-balanced and effective HSR squad, enhancing their chances of winning.

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