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Escape From Tarkov: Mira Prospect Extraction

While exploring the Ground Zero location in Escape From Tarkov, players have to come across the Mira Prospect Extractions.

Ground Zero is the epicenter of the Escape Of Tarkov’s map which was once the headquarters of TerraGroup.

In Escape From Tarkov, players have to complete the Mira Prospect, which is one of the extraction points in  Ground Zero. Upon reaching the signal flare area, only one person needs to shoot a green flare into the sky to open the extraction for all members of the group.

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Mira Prospect: Escape From Tarkov 

During the exploration of Ground Zero, players must complete several quests and perform various extractions.

Among the various extractions at Ground Zero, Mira Prospect is one of them that requires strategic planning and execution.

Similarly, Mira Prospect can be discovered behind the Skyside and Fusion partitions.

tarkov mira prospect location
Players should travel to this specific location to complete the Mira Prospect extraction in Escape From Tarkov.

Similarly, behind the fusion building, players can find the main road that leads to the terror group building.

Navigate to this terrain effectively, to reach the Mira Prospect Extraction point.

Moreover, the Mira Prospect is an extraction point that is reserved exclusively for the PMC operatives.

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Completing The Mira Prospect Extraction

Before moving to the Mira Prospect Extraction, players must equip the green flare gun in their loadout.

If you don’t have the green flare gun, you can purchase it from the Jager, a character on the right-hand side.

After equipping the Green Flare, players should prepare for the extraction and navigate to the signal flare area.

Unlike conventional extraction, the player has to shoot a green flare inside the designated area.

Upon reaching the signal flare area, PMC players can now shoot a green flare into the sky and wait for extraction to complete.

However, aim at the designated area, usually to the left of the sky-side building, as it requires a good technique to execute the flare.

Players have to be cautious and aware of the snipers while extracting the Mire Prospect as a poorly executed flare gun might result in an encounter.

Surviving the Mira Prospect extraction not only requires the skill to execute that flare but also an awareness of the sniper’s presence.

Success And Teamwork Dynamics

Players should equip the right flare gun to complete the Mira Prospect Extraction in Escape From Tarkov.

Similarly, players must equip either a Handheld RSP-30 green flare or a Signal pistol firing 26 * 75 mm green flare.

Among these options, players can equip anything based on their individual preferences and playstyles.

Similarly, upon acquiring the flare gun, players should coordinate with their team members if they are playing in a team.

tarkov mira prospect shooing flare gun
A player should a green flare gun into the sky while being at the signal flare area within ground zero.

Only one player needs to shoot the flare gun into the sky to activate the extraction for all team members. 

So if you are playing in the team, discuss with your friends about who is going to shoot the flare into the sky.

Working in a team enhances the probability of completing the extraction as they can counterattack unexpected attacks from enemies.

The Bottom Line

During the journey in the Escape From Tarkov realm, completing the Mira Prospect Extraction requires strategic planning and execution.

Unlike other Extraction in Ground Zero, mastering the Mira Prospect requires shooting the green flare and evading sniper attacks.

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