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A Mountain Lion Guide For GTA 5 Wildlife Photography

GTA 5 has a variety of wildlife in the game ranging from Deer and Coyotes to even Mountain Lions.

Mountain Lions, also known as Cougars are carnivorous animals that appear in rare spots in the game.

In GTA 5, players can spot the rare Mountain lion in the forest and hill areas or during the hunting side quests in the game. But players must be alert as they come directly for the throat to kill their character.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Mountain Lion that appears in GTA 5.

What Is Mountain Lion In GTA 5?

Players can spot various animals in GTA 5 while they are traveling in Mount Chiliad or Vineyard Hills.

Similarly, one such animal is the Mountain Lion/Cougar, which rarely appears in the game.

Mountain Lion in Gta 5
An in-game appearance of Mountain Lion in GTA 5.

This animal is a main threat to players among all the animals as it can sneakily attack them.

Moreover, their medium size and high running speed make them very unpredictable during wild encounters.

Therefore, players are suggested to carry a weapon whenever they travel to hilly or Forest areas.

In short, Mountain Lions are anti-social creatures that stay far away from densely populated areas.

How To Find Mountain Lion For Photography Challenge?

There are several ways for players to find a Mountain Lion for the photography challenge in GTA 5.

The Wildlife Photography Challenge is unlocked after completing the Paparazzo mission for Beverly.

In General, players must be wary of the four main spawn areas of these creatures. They are:

  • Chiliad Mountain
  • Wilderness
  • Mount Gordo
  • North of Vinewood Hills
  • Shandy Shores Mountain

However, players must note that this creature mainly appears when players are traveling on foot.

Alternatively, players can encounter the Mountain lion while participating in the Hunting Quests.

Location of mountain lion
Players should search for the mountain spots to increase encounter chance of Cougars.

Here, players can find the Mountain Lion with a red marking on the map alongside the deer.

To complete the Mountain Lion photography challenge as Franklin, players must take its picture while alive.

How To Deal With Mountain Lion In GTA 5?

Mountain Lions are sneaky hunters, meaning that players must brace themselves for surprise attacks.

Therefore, here are some tips that can help players to deal with it effectively. They are:

  1. Mountain Lions only appear in their specific habitats in both Story and Online modes.
  2. In densely populated areas, pedestrians will scream and run away when they spot a Mountain Lion.
  3. During hunting missions, players must learn to differentiate between different animals on the map.
  4. A Mountain Lion will never attack when players are traveling in a vehicle.
travelling in car to avoid Mountain Lion
Traveling in a vehicle will keep players safe from Mountain Lions.
  1. A Mountain Lion will always roar before attacking whenever it is close to the player.
  2. Players must always carry a gun to counter Mountain Lions when playing as Franklin or Michael.

Alternatively, players can activate Trevor’s special ability to become invulnerable while facing them.

The Bottom Line

Mountain Lion is the only threat to players when traveling for map discovery on the hills.

Therefore, players must learn their attack mechanics to prepare for wild encounters.

If players collect the Cougars image along with nine other animals they will get Zoophilist Outfit as a reward.

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