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Discover The New Player Jump Start In GW2

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is a large multiplayer online role-playing game with a stunning realm, interesting combat, and a deep plot.

Players can start with ease with the help of the new program New Player Jump Start.

In GW3,  the New Player Jump Start program is meant to assist new players in getting started and enjoying the game with some great rewards and experience. It is an event that ran from November 21 to December 5, 2023.

This article discusses New Player Jump Start, how to get it, and the benefits of it in GW2.

What Is New Player Jump Start?

The New Player Jump Start is a series of in-game rewards and boosts that are designed to help new players get started in Guild Wars 2.

Therefore, the New Player Jump Start is an event of in-game incentives and features designed to help new adventurers get started.

This event is not a permanent feature of the game but a time-limited offer for all players, new to old.

The advantages include a 20-slot inventory bag and a flexible Dreambound weapon that scales with the player’s level.

Additionally, it also includes a 50% increase in experience gain, a 30% increase in magic find, and so on.

These enhancements considerably speed up the leveling process, and increase the value of the awards obtained from various activities.

Likewise, it also promotes a better knowledge of the game’s principles.

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How To Get New Player Jump Start?

Simply create a new Guild Wars 2 account and log in to the game to receive the New Player Jump Start.

The Mist Stranger, an NPC who will lead you through the program, will then encourage you to accept a task.

Afterward, you just have to accept tasks and complete them to progress through the New Player Jump Start.

the new player jump start gw2 tasks
Complete these tasks and progress through the event.

Benefits Of New Player Jump Start In GW2

The New Player Jump Start program provides several advantages to new players of GW2.

Thus, players will get more leveling experience to level up faster, and more incentives for finishing events and activities.

These rewards include:

  • A 20-slot inventory bag.
  • A Dreambound weapon that scales with your level.
  • A +50% experience gain boost.
  • A +30% magic find boost.
  • A +30% PvP reward track progress boost.
  • A +30% WvW reward track progress boost.

Similarly, it will also allow players to grasp the game’s mechanics which players might find difficult.

the new player jump start gw2
Community discussion on Reddit about the New Player Jump Start.

Get Rewards Using New Player Jump Start

Here are some tips for you to get most of the rewards using New Player Jump Start in GW2:

  • Follow the Mist Stranger’s missions: These tasks will teach you the game’s mechanics and how to play it.
  • Finish the events: Events provide an excellent opportunity to get experience and rewards.
  • Participate in a guild: Guilds can provide you with advice and assistance while you play the game.
  • Discover the globe: Take your time and appreciate the sights in Guild Wars 2’s vast world.

The Bottom Line

The New Player Jump Start is an excellent resource for Guild Wars 2 newcomers.

Thus, it provides a variety of direct rewards like items and resources, and indirect rewards like knowledge of game mechanics and muscle memory.

You can get started fast and easily by following the suggestions in this tutorial and enjoying the game.

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