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Remnant 2 Chimney Farm – Everything You Should Know

The Chimney is a Pan facility that The Root has taken over and is one among the many places in Yaesha players can investigate.

When you set foot in this location, you’ll find yourself up against several Root Zombies and Rot Warts.

Players consider the Chimney Dungeon, located in the dangerous region of Yaesha, to be one of the most challenging dungeons in Remnant 2.

This article will explore the best ways to farm XP in the Chimney in Remnant 2, allowing you to level up faster.

What Is XP Farming In Remnant 2?

Leveling up your character and archetypes is essential to surviving the difficult confrontations that lie ahead in the realm of Remnant 2.

Therefore, finding effective ways to farm XP becomes crucial when there are numerous archetypes to level up individually.

Gaining experience points more quickly to level up characters and archetypes quickly is known as XP farming.

Additionally, your character’s qualities grow as you level up, and you get access to new skills and battle power.

Remnant 2 places a strong importance on XP farming.

This is because each archetype levels up independently, necessitating a dependable strategy to get them all up to speed.

Introduction To Chimney In Remnant 2

One of Remnant 2’s topmost challenging dungeons is the Chimney Dungeon, which players can find in the difficult area of Yaesha.

You must travel to Yaesha before you can enter The Chimney Dungeon.

remnant 2 chimney farm
The Chimney is a challenging dungeon where you can enhance your XP.

Additionally, you can restart your campaign till you reach Yaesha if you still haven’t unlocked it.

When you arrive in Yaesha, look for The Chimney Dungeon’s entrance close to the Forgotten Grave and Bedel of Vaunnt.

With a huge, spiral staircase in the middle, the dungeon is situated in a sizable, open space.

A lightning crystal is at the top of the staircase and slowly descends while zapping anything in its path.

Players must descend the stairway next to the crystal, killing the blazing red lights in the tree branches along the way.

However, they will perish if they are unable to eliminate every bulb before the crystal touches the bottom.

To start the XP farming event, pull a lever in a large room after proceeding along the dungeon’s path.

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Remnant 2 Chimney Farm

The Remnant 2 Chimney dungeon offers a challenging puzzle encountered with electrifying aspects, hence it is a great place to farm XP.

Moreover, you can swiftly gain XP by entering The Chimney in Adventure Mode.

Furthermore, you can face an endless swarm of opponents, including elites.

Specific tactics and advice can help you maximize your XP farming in the Chimney Dungeon.

You must break the crystals in the dungeon to gain access to boxes that will reduce damage.

As you descend, watch out for lightning strikes and avoid triggering crystals that might hurt you.

It’s also wise to avoid eliminating all the foes because new ones will keep appearing, offering more chances to earn experience points.

Furthermore, using XP boosters and characteristics can increase your gains when farming XP in The Chimney Dungeon.

You can get the Sagestone Ring, which boosts XP gains by 10%, by solving a riddle in Yaesha’s dungeon of The Lament.

For an hour, drinking Mudtooth’s Elixir, which Mudtooth sells in Ward 13, increases XP by an additional 15%.

At level 10, the Scholar trait, which you can acquire by beating the monster, provides an additional XP of up to 15%.

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The Bottom Line

The Remnant 2 Chimney Farm is a quick and easy way to level up your characters.

By repeatedly killing the enemies at the bottom of the dungeon, you can earn a significant amount of XP quickly.

This is a great way to power-level your characters and prepare for the challenges ahead.

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