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Why Are Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working?

Phasmophobia achievements are not working, so it is frustrating for players trying to earn achievements.

However, reaching out to the game’s community or support channels can provide valuable insights and potential solutions.

Phasmophobia achievements are not working because of bugs or glitches in the system, and the developers are still working on implementing the achievements system.

Continue to learn more about why phasmophobia achievements are not working, its causes, and fixes.

Phasmophobia Achievements 

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game where players investigate paranormal activities.

It has several achievements which you can earn by completing various tasks.

Some of the challenging achievements of Phasmophobia are:

  • Paranormal Detective
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • Spirit Photographer
  • The Soloist

Achievements are a fun way to track your progress and challenge yourself.

As of August 4, 2023, Phasmophobia’s achievements are not working.

This is a known issue that the developers are working on fixing, but it is unknown when they will fix it.

 25 base game achivements
Phasmophobia has 25 base game achievements.
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Causes Of Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working

There are several possible causes for Phasmophobia’s achievements not working.

However, some of the most common causes include the following:

  1. Bugs and glitches prevent it from unlocking even after completing the required tasks.
  2. Problems with the game servers or internet connection might disrupt the communication required to unlock achievements.
  3. When developers release updates or change the game, it can sometimes be after the functionality.
  4. Ensure you’ve met all the specific requirements for an achievement, as some may have hidden criteria.
  5. Occasionally, specific achievements may not work due to temporary glitches.
  6. Using an outdated version of the game can also cause problems with achievements.
  7. When developers work on achievements or make changes, it is temporarily disabled or does not work as expected.
  8. Likewise, if the account is not appropriately linked to the game, it can prevent awarding achievements.

Fixes Of Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working

Here are some of the potential fixes you can try yourself if you are facing issues with Phasmophobia achievements:

1. Game Bugs Or Glitches

Developers often release fixes for bugs and glitches, so watch official channels or announcements.

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix minor problems, so try restarting your game and device.

You can also try running the game as an administrator, giving the game the permissions it needs.

Therefore, verify or reinstall your game files to ensure they are not corrupted or missing.

2. Server Or Connectivity Issues

Achievements require online verification, so make sure your internet connection is stable.

You can restart your router or switch to a more reliable connection.

And if the problem persists, check for server status updates from the game developers.

Check if your firewall setting is blocking the game from accessing the internet.

Try turning off any antivirus software you are using since it can sometimes interfere with games.

3. Check For Updates Or Changes

Ensure that your game is up-to-date, as using the latest version often resolves compatibility problems and improves overall stability.

Stay informed about game updates, as developers often address issues introduced by updates in subsequent patches.

Also, check official developer announcements or community forums to see if there’s ongoing maintenance related to achievements.

If you encounter problems after an update, check for announcements or forums where you can communicate with developers.

phasmophobia achievements not working
General discussion about Phasmophobia achievements not working in Steam Community.

The Bottom Line

In the meantime, players can do some other things to enjoy Phasmophobia.

You can focus on completing contracts, identifying ghost types, and earning money.

Therefore, it is hoped that the developers will fix the achievements system soon.

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