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Hornwright Testing Site 2: A Complete Guide

Players want to know about the Hornwright testing site 2 to complete various quests in the Fallout 76 game.

There are various types of Hornwright sites in the game where players need to search for items to earn loot.

Hornwright testing site 2 is one of the locations in the Ash Heap area of Fallout 76 where players can find loot items such as Mini Nuke. Hornwright Industrial owns this testing site and is located in the southwestern part of the Ash Heap map.

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What Is Hornwright Testing Site 2?

Hornwright testing site 2 is an abandoned site in the Ash Heap area of the Appalachia region in Fallout 76.

Moreover, players can find this site in the southwestern part of Ash Heap at the end of the southwest lane of Route 86.

Similarly, this site was used as the breach area for collecting the minerals and resources collected by the Motherlode.

Hornwright Site 2
Accessing the Hornwright Testing Site 2.

Additionally, players can find loot items such as Mini Nuke, and consumables and junk items such as follows:

  • Canned dog food
  • Blackwater Brew
  • Oak Holler Lager
  • Old Possum bottle
  • New River Red Ale bottle
  • Duct tape

Furthermore, players can encounter various small creatures such as Mole miners and Mole rats around this site area.

In the same way, players have to come to this location as part of the quests such as:

  • Breach and Clear
  • Lost and Found

Periphery Of Hornwright Testing Site 2

Players can find this testing site while going west from the Abandoned mine shaft 1 and there’s an old fence around the site.

Moreover, at the front gate of the maintenance building, you will find a Weapons Workbench which is still functional.

Similarly, you will find a small building beside an abandoned car where you can find items such as broom, lantern, toolbox, etc.

Locker in maintenance room
Opening the Locker in the maintenance room.

Additionally, players will find small derelict encampments and a Grafton Steel truck if they go to the west side of the area.

Furthermore, you can find items such as Blue Garden Gnome and Red Garden Gnome around the Steel truck.

In the same way, players will come across a cult sacrificial altar if they go to the south of the area.

Hornwright Testing Site 2 Quests

Hornwright site 2 is a part of two quests which are as follows:

1. Breach and Clear

Breach and Clear is a mission in Fallout 76 where players have to find various items in the following locations:

  • Hornwright Site 2
  • Hornwright Testing Site 3
  • Hornwright Testing Site 4

Moreover, players can get various types of special rewards such as Ancient Blade, Meteoritic sword, 350 XPs, etc.

Additionally, you have to open various boxes that you will get from the Motherlode, and collecting all the boxes will complete this quest.

2. Lost And Found

Lost and Found is one of the quests in Fallout 76 that players can unlock by finding a miner’s key from a dead mole miner.

Similarly, players need to find a locker and open it with the key across various locations in Ash Heap some of which are:

  • Abandoned mine shaft 1
  • Hornwright testing site 2
  • Burning Mine
  • Abandoned mine site Kittery

Furthermore, you can get rewards such as Purified Water, Rad-X, RadAway, Stimpak, 300 XP, etc upon unlocking the locker.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Hornwright testing site is an abandoned location with very few creatures and old buildings, cars, vans, etc,

Moreover, players can also visit the Hornwright site as a part of various quests and find loot items such as mine nukes, lanterns, etc.

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