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Tarkov Arena Double XP: Recent Update To Unlock Kits

Tarkov Arena has come up with a new update, creating chaos all over the internet and making players muddled.

Moreover, some of its plans have been revealed, including improvements to the optimization and network component.

The recent update on Escape From Takov has massively buffed the amount of XP that players get per match in Arena.

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Massive XP Boost In Tarkov Arena

In Tarkov Arena, players are getting more XP than before upon completing the quest and for exceptional performance in team fights.

The tweet from the team with a picture that translates to “Accelerated Combat Training Course” has caused buzz all over the internet.

The recent update i.e. double XP in Escape From Tarkov Arena, has brought about a substantial boost in XP rewards.

Tweet related to the latest update in Tarkov Arena
Tweet related to the latest update in Tarkov Arena.

Tarkov Arena developers have released an update in which players are getting two to three times XP along with the XP coefficients for respective maps.

Moreover, they also mentioned that if the matches go longer, players will get more XP.

Players have the potential to enhance the overall progression and to levelling up the experience within the game.

Hence, players can earn up to 33k XP on Sawmill, making it the perfect time to grind up a new tree.

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Update On Maps XP Coefficients

The increased XP creates a favorable opportunity for players to level up efficiently and progress through the game.

Taking advantage of the heightened XP rewards, players can make it an ideal period to focus on advancing their gameplay.

Updated XP coeffiecients of different maps
Updated XP coefficients of different maps.

However, the maps of Tarkov Arena now have varying XP coefficients some of which are listed below.

  • Sawmill: offering the highest multiplier of 1.9.
  • Bowl: this map offers the second-highest multiplier of 1.5.
  • Air Pit: similar to the Bowl, this map offers a multiplier of 1.5.
  • Bay 5: One of the best maps in Escape From Tarkov: Arena offers 1.3 
  • Equator and ChopShop: both offer the XP coefficient i.e. the multiplier of 1.0.

However, the implementation of a new XP system grants players two to three times the amount of XP compared to previous weeks.

This notable change is likely designed to accelerate player progression and incentivize engagement with the game during this period.

Get Double XP In Tarkov Arena

As players can gain more XP than before, it is the perfect time to venture into the game, win, and get more kit.

However, engaging in battles to gain advantages at a minimal cost is a common strategy here.

Similarly, players can increase their skills by winning the victory and can improve their gameplay.

Tarkov Area is offering double XP based on the time spent by players to play the game. 

Hence, it seems like the Tarkov team wants to boost player engagement. 

However, winning matches or rounds and getting double XP rewards often encourages competitive play and rewards success.

Rewards tied to XP can motivate players to continue playing and investing time in the game.

Moreover, there is the possibility that the intention behind this change is to encourage more players to engage with unexplored maps.

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