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How To Get To Furina Boss In Genshin Impact?

Furina is one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact, and many players are eager to unlock her.

Players must be in Fontaine, one of the regions, to get to the Furina boss.

Players can get to the Furina boss through Chemin de L’ Espoir. The canal will lead the players to an opening after they travel through it. Furthermore, like other bosses, players can activate a waypoint to reach the area later.

This article discusses the Furina boss and how to get to it.

Who Is Furina Boss?

Furina Boss or Tulpa Boss is a new boss that players can fight in Genshin Impact.

The boss provides materials for the recent Archon, “Furina.”

As the name suggests, the Hydro Tulpa is a boss that will deal hydro damage.

This is similar to many other bosses who have specific elemental damages tied to them.

Furthermore, since the boss deals hydro damage and, by nature, is a hydro elemental boss, players can couple different elements to deal extra damage to the boss.

This can be a combination of “Cryo” and “Pyro” or “Electro” and “Cryo.”

Furthermore, other elemental combinations can also work, but the above-mentioned combinations tend to work the best.

Each region has specific elemental bosses, and players must be in the Fontaine region to access the boss. 

Thus, players must ensure they are in Fontaine before finding the boss.

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How To Get To Furina Boss?

Getting to the Furina boss is relatively easy and is similar to other bosses.

Players can activate a waypoint near the boss area. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting to the boss:

  1. First, teleport to the waypoint to the south of Chemin de L’Espoir.
Furina boss starting location
Travel to the waypoint in Chemin dee L’ Espoir.
  1. Then, mark the end of the cavern on the north in the map. Here, players must choose to navigate to the location.
Furina second pathway
Travel to the end of the gorge by pinning the location.
  1. Then, the players must swim to the marked area.
  2. Then, as the players reach the area, they must dive more. Here, they will find a barrier of sorts.
Reach barrier by diving
Dive through the area to reach a barrier.
  1. Then,  the players must travel through the barrier, and then they will come across a waypoint.
Find waypoint through the barrier
Go through the barrier to find a waypoint.
  1. After activating the waypoint, the players can head straight to the open area before them.
Fight furina boss after activating waypoint
Activate the waypoint and fight against the Furina boss.

Here, they will meet the Hydro Tulpa, and players can defeat it or teleport somewhere else to prepare for the battle.

Furthermore, players will obtain various gear pieces and ascension materials for Furina from the encounter in Genshin Impact.

The Bottom Line

Genshin Impact features various characters and enemies to defeat.

Furthermore, each character has its own storyline that the players can play through.

By obtaining Furina, players can learn more about her backstory and plans to save Fontaine.

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