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How To Spawn Lucy In Gorilla Tag By Yourself?

Players may need to go through various steps to spawn Lucy in Gorilla Tag yourself.

Furthermore, rather than spawning Lucy yourself, players must summon her in Gorilla Tag.

Lucy does not spawn randomly in Gorilla Tag, rather players must summon her. In order to summon Lucy players must visit her tombstone in various areas and wait until they hear her growl or crackling noises. Among the summoning methods, the best method is to have more players around the tombstone to summon her.

This article discusses Lucy and her spawning/summoning method in Gorilla Tag.

Who Is Lucy In Gorilla Tag? 

Lucy is a skeleton ghost in Gorilla Tag. Players can summon her themselves, however, there are a few steps to it.

The first time Lucy was mentioned in the game was in the teaser for the Halloween 2022 update.

After the update, players have been summoning Lucy whenever they can. However, Lucy does not give any rewards.

Thus, players should not expect a reward if they want to interact with her.

After the players summon Lucy, the ghost will pick a target and chase them around.

Players will come across two types of Lucy. The variations are Blue and Red.

However, certain variations have specific criteria that players must fulfill in order for her to spawn.

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How To Spawn Lucy In Gorilla Tag By Yourself? 

Lucy does not spawn randomly in Gorilla Tag, players must summon her in order to interact with her.

The ways to summon Lucy by yourself are quite simple. The first thing you must do is get to her tombstone.

You can find her tombstone in one of the following areas:

  • Forest
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Canyon
  • City
  • Mountain
  • Clouds
  • Beach

Players can head to any of these areas and then perform the summoning ritual to summon Lucy.

However, there is a catch to performing the summoning ritual.

summon lucy yourself gorilla tag
You can summon blue lucy yourself in Gorilla Tag

While you can simply head to the tombstone of Lucy in any of the aforementioned areas, it is better to go with a party of 5 or more players.

But you can summon her yourself if you do not have a party of friends joining you.

The difference between having a party and going solo is that summoning Lucy will take longer.

Thus, we advise you to gather your friends and head to any of the aforementioned locations to find Lucy’s tombstone and summon her.

The method is quite simple as well; all you must do is gather around the tombstone until you hear a creaking noise.

After a few minutes of waiting Lucy will come out of the grave and start chasing one of the players.

Moreover, the higher the number of players during the summoning ritual the faster Lucy will spawn.

How To Summon Red Lucy In Gorilla Tag? 

Summoning red Lucy is quite similar to summoning any other form of Lucy in Gorilla Tag.

The first thing that players must do is head to the tombstone of Lucy in any of the aforementioned areas.

Then, gather around the tombstone and wait until you hear loud gongs and her growl.

But, there is a catch to summoning the Red Form of Lucy. The catch is that you must have at least 6-10 players during the summoning process.

Thus, this form may take some planning and help of other players to perform.

Furthermore, Lucy’s Red form is much faster than Lucy’s Blue form.

summon red lucy in gorilla tag
You can summon red lucy with a party of six or more players.

Additionally, there is a misconception that there are other variants of Lucy, however, players claim it is because of the color of the location.

This also correlates to Lucy being transparent and then meshing in with the colors of the surroundings.

Thus, if you do see players claiming that they saw other colors of Lucy, chances are it is because of the surrounding colors affecting Lucy’s color.

The Bottom Line

Lucy is quite harmless to players; however, if she does catch the marked player, she will take the player high up into the sky.

This state will last for about 6-10 seconds, and then she will drop the player. After dropping the player, she will disappear until you summon her again.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about Lucy in Gorilla Tag.

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