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Huge Egg Seems A Little Cold: Don’t Let It Freeze

Imagine you have a huge egg in Palworld, a game where you can collect and breed mysterious creatures called Pals.

You are excited to see what kind of Pal will hatch from it, but you notice that the egg seems a little cold.

If the huge egg seems a little cold, you must understand its preference and adjust the environment or incubator accordingly, ensuring it hatches quickly and comfortably in your Palworld.

Continue reading to learn how to keep a huge egg warm and comfortable if it seems cold.

Why Does Huge Egg Seems A Little Cold?

Dragon huge eggs are a rare and valuable item in Palworld, as they can hatch into powerful Pals that can help you in your adventure. 

There are two main ways to obtain huge eggs in Palworld: finding them in the wild or breeding them in a Breeding Farm.

There are several possible reasons why your huge egg seems a little cold in Palworld.

1. Egg Is In Cold Biome

The cold biome has low temperatures that can affect the egg’s warmth and hatching speed.

Thus, you can move the dragon egg to a warmer biome, such as the Grassland or the Desert, or use heat sources to warm it up.

2. Outside An Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator can keep the egg at a constant temperature and speed up the hatching process.

If the dragon’s huge egg is outside the incubator, it seems cold. Therefore, you can place the egg in the Incubator.

Significantly, adjust the temperature by placing heat sources or coolers near it, depending on the preference of the egg.

huge egg
Huge eggs are a rare and valuable item in Palworld.

3. Far From Heat Sources

The heat sources, such as campfires, heating barrels, or heaters increase the egg’s temperature and make it more comfortable.

Thus, you can surround the egg with heat sources or place them close to the Incubator, if you have one.

Moreover, you can use items that can warm the egg, such as a hot water bottle or a blanket.

4. Special Type

If the dragon’s huge egg is a special type preferring cold, such as a Damp Egg; it seems cold.

These eggs need a lower temperature to hatch and may not like heat sources.

Thus, you can check the type of egg by interacting with it and see if it needs more warmth or not.

Additionally, you can use coolers to lower the egg’s temperature or place it in a cold biome.

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How To Keep Eggs Warm In Palworld?

You can follow the steps below to keep your eggs warm in Palworld.

1. Use An Egg Incubator

Use an Egg Incubator to unlock it from the Technology Tab with Ancient Technology Points.

You can adjust the Incubator’s temperature by placing heat sources or coolers near it, depending on the preference of the egg.

You can check the status of the egg by interacting with it and see if it needs more warmth or not.

2. Use A Slow Cooker

Use a slow cooker, a warming tray, or a chafing dish to store your eggs in a warm place. 

These devices can keep your eggs at a constant temperature of at least 140 °F (60 °C).

Additionally, you can cover your eggs with tin foil to trap the heat and moisture.

heat sources
Surround the egg with heat sources.

3. Warm Up The Plate Or Container

Warm up the plate or the container before you place your eggs on it.

You can do this by running warm water over it or placing it in the oven for a few minutes. 

However, this will prevent your eggs from losing heat quickly when they touch a cold surface.

4. Store Your Eggs

Eat or store your dragon’s huge eggs within 2 hours to keep them fresh.

However, if you leave your eggs out for too long, they can develop bacteria and spoil. 

You can refrigerate your eggs and reheat them later, or throw them away if they have been out for over 2 hours.

Adjust the Incubator’s temperature by placing heat sources.

The Bottom Line

Huge eggs are one of the most exciting features of Palworld; hatching huge eggs is not a simple task.

Thus, you must ensure the egg’s temperature and comfort, as they affect the hatching speed and the Pal’s attributes. 

Remember, the faster the egg reaches seems very comfortable, the quicker it will hatch.

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