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Hypercharge Unleashed Not Working In Brawl Stars: Event Deactivation

After the recent update, Brawl Stars Hypercharge Unleashed mode was not working.

Due to this, developers have temporarily removed the Hypercharge Unleashed event for maintenance.

However, the temporary removal of Hypercharge Unleash came as a surprise to the community.

Continue reading more about the Hypercharge Unleash Event and know why it is not available at the moment.

Brawl Stars Hypercharge Unleash Event

Brawl Stars, the dynamic multiplayer online battle arena game introduced a special event called Hypercharge Unleashed.

This event was introduced along with Season 20 to grant players a free random item called “Hypercharge” upon completion.

Hypercharge is a powerful item that serves as a significant boost for Brawlers.

It enhances players both super ability and primary attack for a short duration.

It acts similarly to the super ability in terms of usage, requiring players to acquire the charge by damaging the enemies.

However, to acquire Hypercharge, players need to win a few matches of Brawl Stars with a unique twist specifically tailored for Shelly.

Once a Brawler reaches Power Level 11, they unlock the ability to utilize Hypercharge, adding dimension to their gameplay strategies and tactics.

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Why Is Hypercharge Unleashed Not Working In Brawl Stars?

Hypercharge rolls out weekly, where players will get the chance to make their character shine brighter on the battlefield.

Similarly, with the new update of Season 24 in Brawl Stars, six new Hypercharges were introduced along with other modes.

Cordelius is one of the new Hypercharge abilities in Brawl Stars Season 24.
Cordelius is one of the new Hypercharge abilities in Brawl Stars Season 24.

Unfortunately, this update has accidentally triggered a range of issues, such as matchmaking problems.

Along with the matchmaking issue, there was also a specific issue impacting the most popular Hypercharge Unleash mode.

However, updates often bring about changes to game elements and sometimes these changes can interact in unexpected ways.

This may cause issues such as Hypercharge Unleashed not working as intended.

Similarly,  the reason why the Hypercharge Unleash mode was not working was possibly due to technical glitches.

Sometimes new updates may introduce unforeseen glitches that affect the game’s modes or features.

Similarly, server issues can also cause disruptions to the game’s modes or features.

If there are issues with the game servers, it could prevent players from accessing and participating in Hypercharge Unleashed matches.

However, to address these issues, game developers have temporarily removed the Hypercharge Unleash event.

Will Hypercharge Unleashed Event Be Back?

Yes, it will be back soon; developers are working on resolving the issue related to it.

In a recent tweet, Brawl Stars developers and teams stated that they are working on it and will be back soon.

Brawls Stars post regarding the deactivation of Hypercharge Unleashed Event
Brawls Stars’ post regarding the deactivation of Hypercharge Unleashed Event.

Following the situation, Frank Keienburg, General Manager of Brawl Stars, provided an update.

He mentioned that the ETA for when the event will come back has not been fixed yet.

However, there is the possibility that they will re-enable it after the maintenance today. 

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