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Lords Of The Fallen Pumpkin Helmet: How To Find?

The pumpkin helmet in Lords of the Fallen is a special headgear that can be obtained during the Halloween event.

It is a Halloween item that gives the player a unique look and some extra stats.

In Lords of the Fallen, Pumpkin Helmet can be found through the riddles, each corresponding to its location, such as Skyrest, Hamle, Fen Vestige, Loash Vestige, and Pilgrims Perch.

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What Is The Pumpkin Helmet?

The pumpkin helmet or mask is a rare item that can only be acquired during the Halloween event.

The event lasts from October 26th to November 2nd, and it involves solving a riddle and finding five hidden pumpkins in different locations.

Pumpkin Helmet stats
Pumpkin Helmet is also known as pumpskin mask.

Each line of the riddle corresponds to a pumpkin location, and the player has to find them all and interact.

Players need to interact with them while wearing the Hushed Saint armor set.

They can get the Hushed Saint armor set by defeating the Hushed Saint boss.

Similarly, you also need the Hushed Saint Horse, which can be obtained by defeating the Horshed Saint Horse boss.

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How To Find The Pumpkin Helmet In Lords Of The Fallen?

There are five locations where you can find Pumpkin Helmet through the riddle in Lords of the Fallen.

However, you must equip the Hushed Saint armor set and get the Hushed Saint Horse to begin the event.

Here are the steps to find the pumpkin helmet in Lords of the Fallen:

1. Skyrest

The first pumpkin helmet can be found in Skyrest, where the Princess Sting charm is found.

Here is where the celebrated dead are buried. Furthermore, enter the Umbral Realm and look for a pumpkin near a grave.

Skyrest in Lords of the Fallen.

2. Hamlet

Similarly, the second pumpkin helmet is located in Hamlet, at the back of the left corner.

This is where the streets ran red. Enter the Umbral Realm and look for a pumpkin behind a large tree.

Hamlet in Lords of the Fallen.

3. Fen Vestige

Likewise, the third pumpkin helmet can be found in Fen Vestige, where there are many corpses of sacrificed people.

Moreover, this is where the bitter sacrificed dwells. Enter the Umbral Realm, go up a ladder near a waterfall and look for a pumpkin on a hill.

Fen Vestige
Fen Vestige in Lords of the Fallen.

4. Vestige of Loash

The fourth pumpkin helmet is located in Vestige of Loash, where you need to enter through the Crow Boss Arena.

This is where an innocent girl fell. Enter the Umbral Realm and climb a ladder near the Hollow Crow boss arena.

Vestige of Loash
Vestige of Loash.

However, you might encounter the Reaper of Light, which you must fight against.

Cross a broken wooden bridge and enter the Umbral Realm.

After following the path to the left, you will reach the Soul Flay Wall.

You must destroy it, turn right to continue along the path to a short dead end, and look for a pumpkin.

5. Pilgrims Perch

Lastly, the fifth pumpkin helmet can be found in Pilgrims Perch, where you must go down from Brotherhood Manse Vestige.

Here, you need a head for heights. Then, enter the Umbral Realm to Soul Flay.

Pilgrims Perch
Pilgrims Perch is another place where players can find pumpkin helmet.

You need to look for a pumpkin under a platform near a yellow butterfly.

However, you must wear the Hushed Saint armor at the Boss Arena to reach it.

Benefits Of The Pumpkin Helmet In Lords Of The Fallen

The pumpkin helmet is not only a cosmetic item but also has some valuable effects.

It increases your item discovery rate from 1.0 to 1.3 and increases +30% on magic find.

Similarly, it mitigates damage by 21 physical, 66 fire, and 66 wither.

Furthermore, it also gives resistance to Bleed, Burn, Ignite, Frostbite and Poison.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the pumpkin helmet is one of the most exciting items in Lords of the Fallen.

It is only available during the Halloween event, so if you want this item, you must act fast before the event ends.

The pumpkin helmet gives you various bonuses and makes you stand out from other players.

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