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Monopoly Go Color Wheel Boost Event

Monopoly Go recently introduced a new event for their players called Color Wheel Boost Event.

The classic board game has been a fan favorite for over a decade, captivating the players with strategic gameplay.

In the Monopoly Go Color Wheel Boost Event, players can now enjoy the new feature Color Wheel which provides various rewards.

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Understanding The Color Wheel Boost Event

Monopoly Go has introduced the Color Wheel Boost Event for their players to build their empires strategically.

In this new event, players can embrace the new feature called Color Wheel to enhance their gameplay experience.

Similarly, the Color Wheel opens up various exhilarating possibilities for players with various bonuses and rewards.

Likewise, you can spin a wheel with multiple colors in the Monopoly Go color wheel boost event.

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Spinning Color Wheel In Monopoly GO

Each color in the wheel consists of valuable and exciting rewards.

The color wheel includes red, yellow, pink, blue, green, brown, gray, orange, etc.

So when you spin the color wheel, you can earn a blue sticker pack, pink sticker pack, dice, money, etc.

Likewise, the red color in the wheel has a green sticker pack as a reward.

Similarly, the pink color on the wheel has a blue sticker pack as a reward.

Color Wheel Boost Event
Players can partake in the new Color Wheel Boost Event In Monopoly Go.

If your arrow stops on the white or orange color in the wheel, you will earn 5 dice and 15 dice, respectively.

In addition, if your arrow stops at the grey or yellow color on the wheel, you can earn 227k and 94.5 in-game money respectively.

The most exciting reward that you can earn when you spin the color wheel of the wheel boost event is the Green Safe.

If you win the Green Safe, you can get 15-29 free dice and a three-star sticker pack in Monopoly Go.

Color Wheel Boost Event Gameplay And Rewards

Players must plan strategically to receive elusive rewards from the Color Wheel Boost event in Monopoly Go.

They must seize opportunities to spin the wheel at the right moments to capitalize on the various rewards it has to offer.

Similarly, players can get numerous rewards from this event ranging from exclusive cash bonuses to enticing sticker packs.

Spinning Color Wheel In Monopoly Go
Players can obtain elusive rewards by spinning the Color Wheel in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, one of the interesting aspects of the Color Wheel Boost Event is its synergy with other game features.

During this event, players can strategically combine the Sticker boom to multiply their earnings in the game.

Harness the power of the Color Wheel and Dominate the game boards during the heist or expanding their property.

Maximizing Rewards With The Color Wheel Boost

You can maximize your rewards in the Color Wheel Boost event by utilizing smart moves.

Hence, you must focus on building sets strategically to take advantage of this bonus instead of just buying random properties.

The first step to maximize your rewards in the Color Wheel Boost event is to plan which properties to buy.

Next, you must try to complete color sets using Hotel tiles to activate the Color Wheel Boost.

The Color Wheel Boost happens every day Monopoly Go but the exact time can differ.

Therefore, you must watch announcements or notifications to know when the event is active.

You must negotiate with other players to choose properties that help you complete the color sets.

When you finish a color set, you get two spins on the Property Wheel instead of one.

This increases your chances of winning exciting rewards like free dice or Sticker Packs.

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