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How To Survive Assurance In Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, the assurance moon is one of the safest moons in the game.

Furthermore, the entities in the area are far less aggressive, with only one entity being the most hostile towards the players.

Players can survive the moon “Assurance” by ensuring they do not land on it during an eclipse. However, the moon itself is safe and easy for players to explore. But that does not mean that no entities will prey on the players.

This article discusses the moon Assurance and how to survive on it in Lethal Company.

What Is The Assurance Moon In Lethal Company?

Assurance is one of the moons that the players can explore in Lethal Company.

Furthermore, among all the moons in the game, it is one of the easiest to explore.

Although it is one of the easiest moons to explore, it is still more dangerous than Vow and Experimentation.

The environment in Assurance is a hilly desert with large rocks everywhere.

It also features random large machinery and pipes laid over various sections of the rocks.

Thus, players will notice that the moon resembles an industrial area more than just a barren land.

assurance lethal company
Assurance is one of the safest moons in Lethal Company.
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How To Survive In Assurance Moon In Lethal Company?

Since Assurance is one of the easiest moons to travel through, it is also one of the safest.

However, similar to every area in Lethal Company, Assurance also hosts a variety of its own entities.

We can divide the entities that will show up on Assurance into three categories, they are:

1. Daytime

During the daytime, players encounter three entities: Circuit Bees, Manticoils and Roaming Locusts.

Players will encounter these entities outside exploring the area, but some entities may lurk in the dark while the players are indoors.

2. Nighttime

Nighttime in Lethal Company is a very dangerous time to be outside.

During Nighttime, players encounter four entities: Earth Leviathan, Eyeless Dog, Forest Keeper and Baboon Hawk.

These creatures are more aggressive, robust, and resilient than the ones that appear during the daytime. 

3. Indoors

Lastly, when players head indoors, they encounter eight entities: Snare Flea, Bunker Spider, Hoarding Bug, Bracken, Thumper, Hygrodere, Ghost Girl and Spore Lizards.

Among the entities players will encounter in Assurance, the most dangerous is the “Ghost Girl.”

Assurance entity little girl lethal company
Little Girl is one of the most hostile entities on assurance.

Furthermore, Ghost Girl is known for her hostility toward the players; she can even follow the players outside.

Moreover, if players explore the moon while there is an eclipse, they will likely not return unscathed.

This is the same for every moon in the game because, during the eclipse, the entities from other areas will also spawn into the moon.

Thus, surviving on this moon is much easier than other game moons.

Loots In Assurance Moon In Lethal Company

Players can obtain a variety of loot in Assurance in Lethal Company.

Here is the loot table for the Assurance moon that the players can obtain by exploring it:

Loot Name
Fish TestProp
Metal Sheet
Big Bolt
Toy Cube
Laser Pointer
Cookie Mold Pan
Robot Toy
Magnifying Glass
Stop Sign
Tea Kettle
Pickle Jar
Red Soda Can
Steering Wheel
Old Phone
Hair Dryer
Egg Beater
Hand Bell
Clown Horn
Cash Register

The moon features a multitude of loot for the players to obtain. However,they also have a drop chance percentage.

Thus, players wanting to obtain all the items from the loot table must constantly explore the area and defeat some entities in the area.

The Bottom Line

The moons in Lethal Company are an area that players must explore to obtain various items and learn more about the game.

Furthermore, the players must consider some entities in each area.

This is mainly because most are hostile towards the players, with a select few being the outliers.

Hopefully, this article can guide you about the Assurance Moon in Lethal Company.

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