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Find Out The Secret Submarine In Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op horror game that features many easter eggs within the game, including the submarine.

Players have found this easter egg on the same moon where the company is located.

In Lethal Company, players can find the Submarine easter egg in the Gordion-71 moon. However, they must go down the hatch, parkour around the metal beams, and pull the light switch to reveal the Submarine.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about the Submarine easter egg in Lethal Company.

What Is Submarine In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company has become one of the highlights of the gaming industry in 2023. It is still relevant as players make new discoveries within the game.

For example, players recently discovered a new Submarine easter egg within the game, gaining lots of attention.

The Submarine In lethal company
This is the Submarine structure found in Lethal Company

Like any other easter egg, it took some navigation from players to pinpoint its location.

However, players were surprised to discover that this easter egg was hidden in plain sight.

This is because the submarine easter egg is located on the Gordion-71 moon.

In Lethal Company, Gordion-71 is a default moon where the spaceship rests before deployment.

Additionally, players can also sell the retrieved loot from other moons in this area.

Therefore, it was surprising for the community to find that the easter egg was present at the same destination.

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How To Find The Submarine In Lethal Company?

Players must follow essential steps to track down the successful Submarine in Lethal Company.

However, everyone should choose the Company Building as a starting point to find this easter egg.

Then, they must follow a series of consecutive steps to pinpoint its location, which are:

  1. Firstly, players must get off the van and head left to locate the hatch on the ground.
  2. Secondly, players must find the metal beam below, which aligns with the yellow railing.
  3. Thirdly, they should jump on this beam until they reach the dead end.
  4. Consecutively, they must jump on another metal platform next to the dead end.
Pulling the switch to reveal the Submarine
The process of pulling the light switch to reveal the Submarine
  1. Then, players must navigate this platform until they discover a hanging light switch.
  2. Finally, they should pull the switch by pressing the E key to turn on the surrounding lights.

After following the steps, players discover a huge submarine that says, “Don’t tell” on its body.

What Is The Purpose Of Submarine Easter Egg?

Firstly, players should know that the term ‘Submarine’ is a name given by the Lethal Company community.

Hence, they should not conclude that the metal structure is a Submarine in the first place.

However, the structure includes a metal ladder leading to the entrance like a submarine.

On the other hand, players can find various power ports and cords around the structure.

Power box around the submarine
The image shows a power box found near the Submarine.

Therefore, some players believe the structure is not a Submarine but a radiation Generator.

Nevertheless, this mystery has no plausible answer as it is all the information available.

But there is always a chance that it might be an interactable object in the future.

The Bottom Line

The Submarine is one of the mysterious easter eggs in the game, as it seems to leave some hints about the future updates of the storyline.

Therefore, players have speculated about many theories about this metal structure’s existence and purpose.

However, no plausible conclusion can be drawn about the structure.

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