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Why Is Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working? Easy Fixes

The Lethal Company game can be more exciting and easier with more people playing together.

However, the default lobby size for Lethal Company is limited to four players.

Luckily, the Bigger Lobby Mod in Lethal Company allows players to host up to 20 people in a game.

Players are saying that the Bigger Lobby mod is unstable with more players. If you are experiencing Lethal Company Bigger Lobby not working issues, try installing the mod on each player’s system, installing dependencies, or using alternatives.

Continue reading to learn more about Bigger Lobby Mod, why it is not working and how to fix it.

What Is Bigger Lobby Mod In Lethal Company?

Bigger Lobby is a mod in Lethal Company that allows you to set custom lobby sizes when hosting the game.

The Bigger Lobby mod lets you host up to 20 players in a game where one can host and invite others so they can simply join.

Additionally, it enhances the gaming experience for players by expanding the Lethal Company crew.

With more members in your group, it is easy to search for scrap collaboratively.

Bigger Lobby in Lethal Company
Bigger Lobby can be installed from the

You can install the Bigger Lobby mod with Thunderstore Mod Manager or Manually download it.

Further, you must install two dependencies files for this mod called BepInExPack and 2018-LC_API.

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Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working: Causes

After you successfully download the mod, it displays on the bottom left screen when you open the application.

Further, it allows you to customize the player’s size when hosting the game.

The Bigger lobby is, however, unstable while hosting so many players together.

Lethal Company Bigger Lobby size
After installing Bigger Lobby Mod, a max player option appears when hosting a game.

Additionally, the larger lobby size may cause issues while playing the game due to server glitches.

Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Not Working: Fixes

Lethal Company Bigger Lobby not working can be simply fixed when you follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Install Mod

Ensure the mod is installed in each player’s local system to avoid bugs during multiplayer.

All the players joining your lobby must install the Bigger Lobby mod files in their system.

Further, the version of the mod should also be the same for all players.

2. Install Dependencies

In order for the Bigger Lobby mod to work correctly, it is necessary to have two dependency files installed.

After installing the mod, you can install BepInExPack and LC API packages manually from

These files should be stored in the same folder where the game files are in your system.

3. Use Alternative

Since the Bigger Lobby is unstable, you can use MoreCompany to host multiple players.

For this, go to Thunderstore for Lethal Company and download the mod manager called r2modman.

You can easily add and remove the mods you want using the mod manager.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Bigger Lobby Mod is an exciting addition to the Lethal Company for more players to play together.

If you are experiencing Lethal Company Bigger Lobby not working issues, try installing the mod and dependencies on each player’s system.

However, if the bug still remains, you should wait for developers to come up with bug fixes or patches to solve this issue.

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