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Explore The Collapsing Shack Lies Of P

Collapsing Shack in Lies of P does not exist. However, areas having similar names do exist in the game. 

The areas contain various enemies, giving the players a huge chunk of ergo. 

The players can obtain a huge chunk of ergo by defeating enemies in the Collapsing Krat and the Slum Shack. One of the areas contains a semi-level boss. Thus, going through these areas will be an excellent method of leveling up and gaining a huge amount of currency. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Collapsing Krat and the Slum Shack in Lies of P. 

What Is The Collapsing Krat In Lies Of P? 

The Collapsing Krat is the location you revisit in the later section of the game.

When you reach the location, you will find the entire area Collapsing. 

Furthermore, the area also connects you to the Hotel Krat; thus, you must go through this area to reach the new version of the Hotel Krat. 

The new version of Hotel Krat will also feature various new items for the players to purchase and use to upgrade their characters. 

Here is a list of steps to enter the Collapsing Krat in Lies of P: 

  1. To enter the Collapsing Krat, players must first teleport to the stargazer in the Krat Station lobby. 
  2. Head out to the plaza. Here, you must defeat a few enemies. 
  3. You will find a staircase from the fountain in the center head right. 
  4. Head into a different portion of the plaza. 
  5. Defeat the few enemies on the way using the abilities.
  6. You will find a huge monster destroying a door in the area.
defeat enemy destroying the door
Defeat the enemy, destroying the door.
  1. You must defeat the monster and then enter through the door to find a stargazer.
activate the stargazer lies of p
Activate the stargazer inside the building.
  1. You will find a traveling merchant on the top floor of this building. 
  2. If you look around, you will find a door leading to the Collapsing Krat. 
collapsing krat
Open the door to Collapsing Krat.
  1. After entering through the door, you must fight various enemies. 
collapsing krat lies of p
Behind the door is Collapsing Krat.

 After exploring the area, you can reach the new Hotel Krat.

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What Is Collapsing Shack In Lies Of P? 

There is no area by the name Collapsing Shack; however, there is an area by the name Slum Shack in Lies of P

This area contains various enemies and provides players with a key that can access a chest in the area. 

Furthermore, players can meet an enemy, which players consider as a semi-level boss.

Thus, going through this area can be quite beneficial for the players. 

The Slum Shack is in the “Path of the Pilgrim,” players can enter the area through the stargazer and head straight to the center.

Moreover, the players will find an elite-level monster, which players consider a semi-level boss.

After defeating the monster, you will obtain the key to a chest. 

Then, near the area, you will find a small hut. Enter the hut and find a few small mob enemies inside. 

After defeating the enemies, you will find the chest in the area.

You can open using the key you just obtained by defeating the previous enemy. 

Shack key
Use the Robber’s Shack Key to open the door.

Inside the chest, you will find a converter that resists poison. 

The Bottom Line

The area by the name of Collapsing does not exist; however, it can be attributed to players confusing two areas as a single word. 

Collapsing Krat and the Slum Shack are two different areas in two different zones.

Thus, players can visit both areas to defeat the enemies and gain a good amount of Ergo. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Collapsing Shack in Lies of P. 

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