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Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch: Defeat Majasa And Apophis

The Chamber of Vessels in Last Epoch, the final boss of the campaign, Majasa, awaits the player.

Moreover, the Chamber of Vessels is also where Apophis, a traitorous vessel maiden.

Further, the Chamber of Vessels is a place of ancient secrets, dark magic, and epic challenges.

Continue reading to learn how to defeat Majasa and Apophis in the Chamber of Vessels and how to survive.

Chamber Of Vessels In Last Epoch

The Chamber of Vessels is a location in the game Last Epoch

It is the final area of Chapter 9, where the player faces the boss, Majasa, the Nagasa Queen.

The Chamber of Vessels is where Majasa’s loyal priestess Apophis performs a ritual to channel the power of Orobyss.

It is a dark god from the future and corrupts Majasa with void magic. 

The player must defeat Majasa and stop Apophis from unleashing Orobyss on the world.

Contrarily, to get to the Chamber of Vessels, you must follow the main quest through The Upper Temple and The Lower Temple.

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Defeat Majasa In The Chamber Of Vessels

Majasa has two phases, with the first requiring good positioning and quick reaction time.

Meanwhile, the second phase can catch you off-guard as she gets progressively more aggressive.

Majasa’s primary attack is her Stone Stare, which can turn you to stone if you get four stacks.

Thus, avoid this ability at all costs by moving away from her gaze.

Majasa also uses fire, lightning, and poison attacks in the first phase, so ensure you have enough resistance to these elements.

chamber of vessels
Ensure you have enough resistance to enemy attacks.

Moreover, she summons adds that shoot projectiles at you, which you can either kill or dodge.

In the second phase, Majasa’s damage becomes physical, and she reduces your armor with each hit.

Therefore, you need high physical resistance and armor to survive this phase.

Further, you must have a way to cleanse yourself from the Stone Stare debuff.

Defeat Apophis In The Chamber Of Vessels

Apophis appears in the background of the fight and occasionally casts spells that can harm you or buff Majasa.

Significantly, Apophis can create a dark portal that spawns void tendrils that deal damage and slow you down.

Thus, moving around can destroy the portal or avoid the tendrils.

However, Apophis can cast a void beam that sweeps across the arena, dealing massive damage and applying Stone Stare stacks.

majasa last epoch
Moving around can destroy the portal or avoid the tendrils.

Therefore, you must dodge this beam by hiding behind the pillars or jumping over it.

Apophis can also empower Majasa with void magic, making her attacks more powerful and faster.

Regardless, you must interrupt this process by damaging Apophis or Majasa before it completes.

Contrarily, to defeat Majasa and Apophis, balance your offense, defense, and attention to both enemies.

Moreover, use your skills and items wisely, and don’t get overwhelmed by their attacks.

Survive In The Chamber Of Vessels In Last Epoch

The Chamber of Vessels is a large labyrinthine dungeon full of traps, enemies, and secrets.

Therefore, you must find four keys to unlock the door to the boss arena, where Majasa and Apophis await you.

The keys are hidden in different parts of the dungeon, and you will need to solve some puzzles and fight some mini-bosses to get them.

As a result, you will need high resistance to enemy attacks and a way to remove curses and ailments from yourself.

Use some skills or items to disable or destroy traps.

Consider the environment and avoid stepping on pressure plates or triggering sensors.

Moreover, you can use some skills or items to disable or destroy traps, such as Teleport, Smoke Bomb, or Dynamite.

Contrarily, you will need a good strategy and execution to defeat them, as well as a lot of patience and perseverance.

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