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Explore The Charred Finger In Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, a Charred Finger is a consumable item for executing the Crimson Ritual.

Additionally, it enhances the rewards obtained upon completing the Ritual.

The Charred Finger holds significant value, and using it before embarking on the Crimson Ritual is strongly recommended. Further, doing so proves highly advantageous for boosting rewards and expediting your progress through the game.

This article discusses the Charred Finger in Lords of the Fallen and how to obtain it.

Introduction To Charred Finger In Lords Of The Fallen

Crimson Ritual is a multiplayer feature that allows you to invade another player’s game world and engage in battles with them.

Moreover, the Crimson Ritual is a unique ceremony conducted at the Shrine of Adyr.

Afterward, you can hunt for the charred fingers hidden at various locations.

With charred fingers, you can purchase various items, including:

  • Castigated Tinct: Temporarily boosts your damage output.
  • Paragon Tinct: Enhances your defense for a brief duration.
  • Familiar Tinct: Increases your item discovery odds for a short period.
  • Venator Tinct: Amplifies your Vigor gained from defeating enemies for a limited time.
  • Mirror of Protection: Temporarily Shields you from other players’ invasion.
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How To Use Charred Fingers In Lords Of The Fallen?

In Lords of the Fallen, using the Charred Finger involves a few steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Obtain the Charred Finger: You can find it in various locations within the game, primarily in treasure chests and as drops from defeated enemies.
  2. Crimson Ritual Preparation: To perform the Crimson Ritual, you first need to collect a specific number of Severed Hands.
  3. Activate the Ritual: Once you’ve accumulated enough Severed Hands, visit the Shrine of Adyr and present them to perform the ritual.
  4. Charred Finger Bonus: Using the Charred Finger before executing the Crimson Ritual grants you a bonus reward. This reward can encompass a range of items, such as new weapons, armor sets, or a substantial amount of experience points.

Charred fingers are used primarily for executing the Crimson Ritual, enhancing your damage and defense during player invasions.

Also, you can use them to purchase items at the Shrine of Orius, located in the lower dungeons of Skyrest.

How To Obtain Charred Fingers?

You can acquire Charred fingers in the hidden Shrine of Adyr, accessible by using a severed hand at a specific vestige in Skyrest.

charred finger lords of the fallen
You can purchase Charred finger at the Shrine of Adyr.

To locate these hidden enemies that drop severed hands, you’ll need the Eye of Vengeance, obtained from a quest by a mysterious woman in Skyrest.

Inside the Shrine of Adyr, you can discover three charred fingers on a corpse near the cliffside.

Moreover, here are some of the locations where you can find Charred fingers:

  1. Pilgrim’s Perch: Obtainable from Damarose the Marked for 1,000 Vigor.
  2. Skyrest Bridge: Available for purchase from the Tortured Prisoner for 1,000 Vigor at the upper section of Skyrest Bridge, just outside the arena where you faced Pieta. You’ll first need to free her from the prison cell in Skyrest Bridge and rest at a relic for her to relocate.
  3. Fitzroy’s Gorge: After engaging with the Shrine of Adyr, you’ll notice a sizable opening opposite the shrine. You can discover three Charred Fingers among a pile of corpses.

Furthermore, defeating the other player will earn you an additional charred finger.

However, the risk involves potentially losing your charred finger if you fail to defeat your opponent or if they reach their next checkpoint.

The Bottom Line

The Charred Finger is a potent item that enhances the rewards derived from the Crimson Ritual.

It has a rarity and significant value, so it is essential to use it before finalizing the ritual.

Nevertheless, exercising caution with the Charred Finger is crucial, as improper use can lead to potential risks.

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