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Lords Of The Fallen Controller Or Keyboard: Which To Use?

Lords Of The Fallen is a third-person action RPG developed by Hexworks and published by CI Games.

The game has different controls on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

However, on PC, players can play with a Controller and a Keyboard, and choosing the right one can significantly affect the play style.

In Lords Of The Fallen, choosing a Controller or Keyboard depends on the players. However, this game is designed for the Controller since it can provide more responsiveness than the Keyboard and is convenient to play from anywhere.

Continue Reading to know more about Controllers and Keyboard and which you should play within Lords of Fallen.

Does Lords Of The Fallen Support Controllers On PC?

Lords of the Fallen is a single and multiplayer action RPG game that supports the Controllers, and many players confirm it.

Most Controllers, such as Xbox, Playstation pads and Gamepads, will work without additional configuration.

Furthermore, the steam controller support ensures different platform controllers can be used.

Lords Of The Fallen Controller
Players can see the controller option from the setting.

Also, most RPG games, including Lords of the Fallen, can be comfortable and more accessible if you play with a controller.

Advantages Of Using A Controller For Lords of the Fallen

Here are some of the advantages of playing with a Controller;

  • Similar controls: The controls used in the game can be similar to other games. For Instance, the button layout is the same for all the games, which helps you to adapt quickly to new controls.
  • Improve engagement: Controllers can make players feel more comfortable playing the third-person game and increase engagement.
  • Comfortable for casual gameplay: Players can relax and play the game from bed/couch.

Disadvantages Of Using A Controller For Lords of the Fallen

Here are some of the disadvantages of playing with a controller on Lords of the Fallen:

  • Limited Keybind: Controllers have fixed numbers of keys, unlike the Keyboard with customizable keybinds.
  • Complex Function: Using a Controller can make performing some skills harder than using a keyboard shortcut.
  • Reduce Precision: The Controller may reduce your precision if you are playing with a weapon that needs your aim.
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Advantages Of Using Keyboard For Lords of the Fallen

Here are some of the benefits of using a keyboard ;

  • Customizale Keybinds: Players can get many rebinding options for the optimized keybind layout.
  • Easy access to features: In the Keyboard, complex skills or functions can be accessed through just one keyboard shortcut.
  • Same Controls: The keybind remains the same as in other games for the Keyboard. For Instance,  use w, a,s, and d for the movement.
Lords of the Fallen Keyboard settings
For the keyboard setting, you can go to the setting and navigate to the keybind, where you can rebind the key as you want.

Disadvantages Of Using Keyboard For Lords Of The Fallen

Here are some of the disadvantages of using a keyboard:

  • Less comfortable: Players must sit near the PC while playing the game.
  • More time to learn: Players may take more time to learn keyboard Controls and get muscle memory.
  • Lack of Movement advantage: Playing on the keyboard, players may not get the responsive movement as the Controller.

Which To Use Controller Or Keyboard For Lords Of The Fallen?

Choosing between the Controller Or Keyboard entirely depends on players’ preference.

Furthermore, players can enjoy the game with a controller and a keyboard.

The developers designed the game to run smoothly on console and PC environments.

However, the game controller is best for exploration and casual play for Lord of the Fallen.

The Keyboard is preferred if you are playing a combat/first-person game.

Lord of the Fallen best suits controller play since it is an exploration-type game.

However, the Keyboard provides a competitive advantage when you need precise aim and complex functions.

Fortunately, the game supports both so that players can switch between the two.

The Bottom Line 

Controllers and Keyboard both have their benefits and limitations of their own.

Players have to consider those factors before choosing one of them.

For Lord of the Fallen, we recommend you play with a controller since players don’t have to perform the precise aims.

Players can lay back on the bed or couch and play comfortably.

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