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Lords Of The Fallen: Overview Of Easy Anti Cheat

Like many other games, Lords of the Fallen also uses the middleware “Easy Anti-Cheat“.

Lord of the Fallen is known for its classic role-playing action game that offers users a unique gaming experience.

Similarly, players can explore the dual worlds inside the game which are: the World of Axiom and Umbral.

In Lords of the Fallen, the gaming community has ingested the Easy Anti Cheat middleware to detect counter-hacking and cheating inside the game. 

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Overview Of  An Easy Anti-Cheat 

Easy Anti Cheat is the middleware designed to eliminate hackers and cheaters in multiplayer video games.

Similarly,  the tech company “Kamu” plays a significant role in its development and maintenance.

Some players can use the Aimbot, wall hacks, and speed hacks to make the game easier, harming other players.

Thus, the company created this middleware to analyze the player’s game behavior and detect these cheating activities.

Easy Anti Cheat.
Overview of Easy Anti Cheat.

Doing so maintains the fairness and integrity of online multiplayer games and bans the players who cheat inside the game.

Moreover, Easy Anti Cheat ensures that every player can enjoy the game experience fairly by providing an anti-cheat solution.

This will terminate cheaters from the game as they disrupt the competition and gaming experience for genuine players.

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How To Install Easy Anti Cheat In Lords Of The Fallen?

Easy Anti Cheat is a service to detect cheating and hacking in multiplayer games. 

Similarly, East Anti Cheat is mostly installed automatically in your system after you install the Lords of the Fallen.

However, if you can’t find the Easy Anti Cheat service in your system, you can install it manually.

To install the Easy Anti Cheat service in your game, you should follow these steps:

  1. First, players need to navigate to their installation folder of Lords of the Fallen, which can be found in your computer files.
  2. Upon navigating the installation folder, you should find the subfolder “Easy Anti Cheat” containing the required files.
  3. Inside the subfolder, players can find the file called “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe“, and run this file as an administrator.
  4. After running this file as an administrator, you will see the window with installation options.
  5. Click on the Install button to install all the files required in the Easy Anti Cheat Process.
  6. Similarly, the setup will guide you through the installation steps; just follow the instructions and accept their terms and conditions.
  7. Finally, this would complete your installation and actively monitor for any cheating activities in the game.

Issues In “Lords Of The Fallen” And Possible Solutions

Most of the players are encountering problems while attempting to launch the Lords of the Fallen.

Players are eager to dive into the newly launched game, only to receive the error prompt.

It is frustrating to see the error prompt when trying to play the game; some of the problems are discussed below:

Launch Error
Launch Error Encountered due to not installing Easy Anti Cheat.

Problems While Launching The Game:

  1. Players can get stuck at the initializing stage followed by the disappearing of the launch screen while launching.
  2. Similarly, players can experience in-game crashes, frame rate drops, or crashes before reaching the main menu.
  3. Moreover, players can get the DX12 un-supported issues, resulting in game crashes.
  4. Also, launch problems are related to the Easy Anti Cheat which provides messages like “Failed to Get the Process path” or “Anti Cheat Not Installed”.

Potential Solution To Encounter These Errors:

  1. Try restarting your Steam account and your computer.
  2. Also, try disabling the full-screen mode.
  3. Players can run the game as an administrator to launch with administrative privileges.
  4. To counter DX12 compatibility, try launching game without DX12 or use commands “-dx12” or” -d3d12
  5. Try reinstalling the game and  Easy Anti Cheat respectively.

The Bottom Line 

Lords of the Fallen is a highly anticipated RPG game that falls under the subgenre of “souls-like”.

Similarly, Lords of the Fallen employs the Easy Anti Cheat Middleware to ensure fair gameplay among its users.

In summary, Easy Anti Cheat helps maintain integrity in online multiplayer games by detecting cheating activities.

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