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TotK – How To Repair Hylian Shield?

Hylian Shield is the most iconic Shield in the Zelda Franchise, which has returned in Tears of the Kingdom. 

However, Hylian Shield is not resistant to the dangers of Hyrule, just like the Breath of the Wild.

The Hylian Shield can break after losing its durability. But, it is repairable through Cece and Rock Octoroks. Additionally, you can also repurchase the Hylian Shield.

Continue reading to know how Hylian Shield breaks and how to re-obtain and repair it instantly.

Introduction To Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield is a legendary Shield first introduced in Ocarina of Time. Players consider the Shield as an icon for the game.

The Shield boasts a high Shield Guard of 90 and a base durability of 800.

However, unlike other legendary items, Hylian Shield is not obtainable through an Amiibo.

But, players can obtain the Hylian Shield through exploration.

Hylian Shield Model
You cannot obtain the Hylian Shield through Amiibo.

Additionally, the players can purchase the Hylian Shield if it breaks through a merchant from Hateno Village.

However, players need to complete a series of quests to be able to repurchase the Shield. 

Moreover, Completing the quest also allows the players to re-purchase the Shield from the same Merchant. 

Furthermore, players can repair the Hylian Shield as well.

How To Obtain Hylian Shield?

Obtaining the Hylian Shield is daunting; however, it can be much easier if you prepare well.

First, you must enter the Hyrule Docks under the Hyrule Castle through the Hyrule Castle Moat

Map Location to Hyrule Castle Moat
Enter the Hyrule Castle Moat to obtain the Hylian Shield.

Here is a guide to entering the Hyrule Docks;

  1. First, you will require a boat. You can create the boat through your Zonai Devices if you have saved one or create one from scratch.
Boat Travel For Hyrule Castle Moat
Boat Travel For Hyrule Castle Moat
  1. Second, you will need a steering Stick to properly steer the boat, as the current to the Hyrule Castle will push you away from the Dock’s entrance.
  2. You can find a pre-built boat on the western side of the Hyrule Castle Moat.
Pre-Built Boat
Pre-Built Boat for Hyrule Castle Moat Travel
  1. Ignore the outer Docks and head towards the inner Dock of the Hyrule Castle.
Inner Docks
Inner Docks For Hyrule Castle Moat
  1. Here, you will have to fight five Gloom Hands. You can use elemental damage to defeat the Gloom Hands.
Fighting Gloom Hands
Fight with Gloom Hands using elemental Fire damage.
  1. Once you defeat the Gloom Hands, a Phantom Ganon will spawn. Use Elemental Damage to defeat the Phantom Ganon as well.
  2. After defeating the Phantom Ganon, go up the stairs to find five lit braziers.
Room with Lit Braizer
Find Lit Braizer in the room.
  1. In the center, there is another Braziers. Light the Brazier using a Fire Arrow.
Lit Center Braizer
Lit the Center Braizer using an Arrow.
  1. Once Lit, a chest will spawn, open the chest and obtain the Hylian Shield.
Obtaining The Hylian Shield
You can now obtain the Hylian Shield.
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Does The Hylian Shield Break?

Yes! The Hylian Shield can break in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Hylian Shield can break when its durability is reduced to zero, and as it is used more frequently, the likelihood of it breaking increases.

Furthermore, you can also use a Royal Guard’s Shield as an alternative to Hylian Shield. The Royal Guard’s Shield boasts a high Guard of 70.

Once you repair the Shield, you can use the Hylian Shield to its fullest potential.

How To Repair Hylian Shield?

Players can repair the Hylian Shield through Rock Octorok and Cece. Read more about the methods in detail below;

Repair Via Cece

Follow the steps below to repair the broken Hylian Shield through Cece;

  1. Go to Hateno Village and Look for Cece.
Map Location For Hateno Village
Go to Hateno Village to find Cece.
  1. Pay Cece 3000 Rupees to repair the Hylian Shield.
Shop Interaction With Cece
Pay 3000 Rupees to Cece.
  1. If you cannot get Cece to repair/resell the Hylian Shield, you may not have completed the Hateno Village Mayoral Election Quest.

Repair Via Rock Octorok

Follow the steps outlined below to repair the broken Hylian Shield through Rock Octorok;

  1. Fuse Hylian Shield with a normal weapon.
  2. Go to Eldin Mountains and find a Rock Octorok.
  3. Place the weapon in front of the Rock Octorok.
  4. The Rock Octorok will suck the weapon inside.
  5. After a certain period, Rock Octorok will throw the weapon out.
  6. The item will have a different effect but will have its durability restored.
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The Bottom Line

The Hylian Shield is the best for players because it protects them from multiple monsters in the game.

However, the shield does not undermine other Shields either.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the Hylian Shield, repair it if it breaks, and buy it again.

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