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Beakon Saddle Palworld: How To Craft The Best Flying Mount?

The Palworld Beakon Saddle is a special item that can activate Beakon’s powerful electric attack.

Palworld features the ability to ride some of your Pals as mounts, including flying mounts that can soar through the sky.

Among the many flying mounts available in Palworld, one of the popular is Beakon, a bird-like Pal that resembles a phoenix.

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What Is Beakon Saddle In Palworld?

Beakon Saddle is a key item that unlocks Beakon’s Thunderous Partner Skill.

This skill allows Beakon to apply electric damage to the player’s attacks while mounted, making it a formidable weapon against enemies.

It also enables the player to ride Beakon as a flying mount, which is very useful for traveling across the map and reaching high places.

Beakon Saddle
Beakon Saddle in Palworld.

Beakon Saddle is a type of Pal Gear, which are items that enhance the abilities of certain Pals.

Pal Gears can be crafted at a Pal Gear Workbench, which is a structure that can be built at the player’s base.

Likewise, Pal Gear can also be equipped and unequipped from the Palbox menu.

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How To Get Beakon Saddle In Palworld?

To get Beakon Saddle in Palworld, you need to follow these steps:

1. Catch A Beakon

Beakon is a rare Pal that can be found in the Tower, a dungeon that is located in the northern part of the map.

It is the boss of the Tower and can be caught after defeating it.

Beakon in Palworld.

Furthermore, Beakon is an electric type Pal, so it is weak to water and ground attacks.

Moreover, you can also use Pal Spheres to increase your catch rate.

Map of Beakon location in Palworld.

2. Unlock The Technology

After catching a Beakon, you will unlock the Technology for Beakon Saddle.

Technology is a system that allows you to access new items and structures by using Technology Points.

Technology Points can be obtained by catching new Pals, completing quests, and leveling up.

However, you need to be at least level 34 and have 3 Technology Points to unlock Beakon Saddle.

3. Craft The Beakon Saddle

Once you have unlocked the Technology, you can craft the Beakon Saddle at a Pal Gear Workbench.

You will need the following materials to craft it:

  • Electric Organ x20
  • Leather x20
  • Ingot x20
  • Paldium Fragment x25
  • Cloth x10

Electric Organ is a material that can be obtained by killing electric-type Pals, such as Jolthog and Univolt.

Similarly, Leather, Ingot, and Cloth are common materials that can be found by mining, lumbering, and gathering.

Likewise, Paldium Fragment is a rare material that can be found by mining small Paldium nodes around the world.

4. Equip The Beakon Saddle

After crafting the Beakon Saddle, you can equip it to your Beakon from the Palbox menu.

Moreover, you can also switch between different Pal Gear for your Beakon, depending on the situation.

Benefits Of Beakon Saddle In Palworld

Beakon Saddle has many benefits for the player and the Beakon.

Here are some of them:

  1. It allows the player to ride Beakon as a flying mount, which is faster and more convenient than walking.
  2. Flying mounts can also access areas that are otherwise unreachable, such as islands, mountains, and rooftops.
  3. It activates Beakon’s Thunderous Partner Skill, which adds electric damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.
  4. This can be very effective against Pals and enemies that are weak to electric attacks, such as water and flying types.
  5. The electric damage can also stun the target, giving the player an advantage in combat.
  6. It increases Beakon’s happiness and loyalty, which are important factors that affect its performance and behavior.
  7. A happy and loyal Beakon will obey the player’s commands, fight better, and produce more resources.
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