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Trade Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go: The Ultimate Guide

Monopoly Go has not let the players trade the gold stickers. However, you can think of it as a personal investment.

However, if they let players trade in the future, you can trade it with your friends or in the in-game store.

In Monopoly Go, players cannot trade the gold stickers for now. However, they can send it to their friend. With this in mind, an event to trade the gold stickers or cards will likely be announced in the future.

In this article, you will learn how to get the gold cards or stickers and to trade them in the Monopoly Go.

What Are Gold Stickers Or Cards In Monopoly Go?

Throughout the game, there are collectible items called stickers, which are used to complete Sticker sets.

Furthermore, nine unique stickers make up each themed album.

stickers pack in monopoly go
Stickers are used to complete Sticker sets, and the Gold stickers are rare to get.

However, you can complete an Album to earn big prizes, including one of three unique game Tokens.

Sticker Album is a collection of sticker sets, and you can get a massive reward by completing all of the album’s sticker sets.

You can check your sticker collection in the game by tapping the Album button at the bottom right of your screen.

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How To Get Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go?

Every season in Monopoly Go, there is a different sticker, or card, collecting event.

In these events, you must collect stickers and complete the album for rewards such as free dice, tokens, and in-game currency.

gold cards in monopoly go
Participating in milestone events dramatically increases your chances of obtaining a Gold Sticker.

The good news is that they have generally become a lot easier to get and you can collect Stickers in many ways, including:

1. Daily Treats

You can receive the daily treats after logging into the game.

Moreover, you can receive this reward after completing a daily event.

2. Promotional Sticker Pack

To understand how to obtain Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO, it’s essential first to understand the basics of Sticker Packs.

These Sticker Packs add excitement and chance to the game, making acquiring Gold Stickers more thrilling.

However, it’s important to note that Sticker Packs are not available for purchase outright. Instead, they require effort and participation.

3. Participate In Tournament And Milestone Event

Monopoly GO provides players with the opportunity to participate in competitive tournaments.

These tournaments offer an engaging gameplay experience and rewards for top performers.

Furthermore, aim for a top-three finish in these tournaments, as they often reward players with additional Sticker Packs.

By competing fiercely in these tournaments, you can earn more packs and increase your odds of finding a Gold Sticker.

Participating in milestone events dramatically increases your chances of obtaining a Gold Sticker in Monopoly GO.

4. Finish Quick Wins

Quick wins in a game are strategies that lead to rapid success.

However, these quick wins give you more perks and gold stickers.

5. Buy Monopoly Go Stickers

You can earn more stickers in-game apart from the event.

Moreover, you can go to the in-game store to buy the stickers.

6. Limited-Time Events

Limited-time events significantly increase your chances of obtaining a Gold Sticker in Monopoly GO.

Furthermore, these events often have milestones and objectives that, when completed, reward players with various Sticker Packs.

However, you can participate and complete milestones to earn more packs and find the Gold Sticker.

How To Trade Gold Stickers In Monopoly Go?

There is no specific event to trade the Gold stickers in Monopoly Go. However, you can keep it as your investment.

Instead, you can share the stickers with your in-game friends. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you must have one or more duplicate stickers.
  2. Secondly, you must be connected with your friends in the game.
  3. You can only trade regular stickers so you can trade it with your friends.
  4. To start trading, first open your Monopoly Go app.
  5. Then, go to your album section in your game.
  6. However, you can see the duplicated stickers by the indication on the stickers marked with numbers.
  7. Select the duplicate card you own and then tap the send to friend button at the bottom.
  8. Finally, select the friends you want to share or trade the cards with.

The Bottom Line

They are collectible items called stickers used to complete Sticker sets, but the Gold stickers are rare.

You can collect Gold stickers after finishing in the top 3 in tournaments, finishing quick wins and promotional sticker packs.

Players cannot trade Gold stickers but keep them in their in-game album.

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