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Explore The Headquarters Mode In Season 1 Reloaded Of MW3

MW3 Headquarters is a super exciting upcoming multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty games.

Players are eager to know how to play and win the new headquarters game mode coming in Season 1 Reloaded.

The MW3 headquarters game mode is one of the three new game modes in Season 1 Reloaded that focuses on teamwork and strategy. Hence, you must coordinate with your team to capture the headquarters and fight enemies to hold and maintain control over it as long as possible for victory.

Continue reading to learn more about the new headquarters game mode in Modern Warfare 3.

New Game Modes In Season 1 Reloaded

Modern Warfare 3 has introduced new content and features in Season 1 Reloaded.

Headquarter game mode is among the new additions to the Season 1 reloaded, providing multiplayer experiences.

Furthermore, the MW3 is launching the season 1 reloaded on January 17, 2024.

With its launch players can now play ranked matches and compete in the ranked playlist of the game.

Besides, the players who can position themselves at the top of the leaderboard can unlock various rewards in MW3.

Season 1 reloaded mw3
The Season 1 Reloaded allows players to compete in the ranked playlist to move up or down the leaderboard.

Various new multiplayer maps, game modes, quests, events, etc. are coming on January 17 across all platforms.

Hence, the new contents of the Season 1 Reloaded are as follows:

  • New 6V6 Multiplayer map
  • Multiplayer Mode: Team Gunfight
  • Multiplayer Mode: Infected
  • Multiplayer Mode: Headquarters
  • The Boys LTM and Challenge Event
  • Multiplayer Ranked Play

What Is Headquaters In MW3?

Call of Duty: Modern Warframe 3 keeps on introducing multiplayer game modes to enhance the gaming experience for players.

Headquarter is one of the multiplayer game modes in MW3, also known as King of the Hill.

In this multiplayer game mode, player teams must compete to capture and control a specific point on the map known as the headquarters.

Furthermore, the team that successfully captures and maintains control of the headquarters earns experience points over time.

The visual representation of the Headqauters may vary according to different versions like Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3, and COD Black Ops.

1. Co-ordinate With A Team

To find the location of the headquarters, you must follow the sign marked on the map in MW3.

In addition, players must form a team and coordinate to defend the headquarters from the opposing team.

Once a team captures the headquarters, the defending team cannot respawn until the next round.

2. Capture Headquarters To Earn Points

You must accumulate as many points as possible to win the headquarters multiplayer mode.

The goal score to win the game differs in each Call of Duty game, like 250 points in some, and 400 in Modern Warfare 3.

The headquarters mode has a unique point allocation system that rewards the team with points for each moment they control the headquarters.

Furthermore, the longer a team keeps control of the headquarters, the more points they get.

For instance, you can earn 5 experience points for completing tasks like capturing the headquarters.

Headquarters in mw3
To win in headquarters game mode, you must focus on teamwork before and after capturing the headquarters in MW3.

Similarly, holding the headquarters after capturing gives you 5 points every 5 seconds.

You can also get points for getting kills and assisting teammates while capturing the headquarters.

Hence, the headquarters game mode is popular in MW3, allowing players to obtain many points.

Maintain Control Over The Headquarters To Win 

To capture the headquarters, at least one player from your team needs to stay close to it.

Hence, the more players near the headquarters, the faster the capture process.

After you capture the headquarters, you must prepare the team to defend it as the other teams may try to recapture it.

Hence, you must engage in gunfights, use smart strategies to eliminate opponents, and hold the headquarters as long as possible.

You can use in-game communication features, like voice chat or ping systems, to communicate with your teammates during the hold.

Thus, informing the team about enemy movements can help your team coordinate defensive strategies.

Headquarters location may change during the match so you and your team must adapt to new locations to win.

The Bottom Line

The Season 1 reloaded also introduces multiplayer ranked play where you can play 4v4 matches.

Hence, you can rise through the ranks and skill divisions by earning rewards with the new Reloaded MW3.

So, get ready to adapt to new challenges and focus on teamwork to win Team Gunfight, headquarters, and infected game modes.

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