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Discover Best Class A Ships In Starfield

Starfield gives you various Ship options to choose from and modify different Ships.

The Ships are categorized into classes AB, and C.

The Ship with Class A is also built for mobility and can be excellent for the early game.

Starfield’s best class A Ships include Razorleaf, Frontier, and Wanderwell. Class A Ships are better in mobility and cost less than the others.

Continue reading to discover the best class A Ships in Starfield.

Introduction To Class A Ship In Starfield

In Starfield, the game offers players a different Ship, categorized from lower to higher.

Class A is the lowest rank, and C is the highest.

Furthermore, players can only purchase some Ships, while they can only unlock others through missions.

Players can obtain different Ships while traveling to another planet or completing missions.

There are Ships with great design but without the power to fight in space.

On the other hand, there can be a Ship that looks average but has a lot of power.

Class A Ships are not very powerful compared to Class C. However, it has its perks, such as having greater mobility than the other Ship.

Furthermore, players can get some Ships for free in the early game by completing the mission.

Additionally, it costs way less than the Class C Ship.

Another great feature of this Ship is that you can use it without upgrading your piloting skills.

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Best Class A Ships In Starfield

The best class A Ships are Razorleaf, Frontier, and Wanderwell.

Here is a detailed breakdown of all these class A Ships:

1. Razorleaf

Razorleafs have incredible speed and maneuverability, making this Ship one of the best combat-suited.

Its incredible speed and maneuverability make this Ship one of the best combat-suited Ships.

Also, players can easily upgrade the base weapon of this Ship.

Players can get their hands on this Ship by completing the “Mantis” side quest.

It has a value of 18350 credits and a fuel capacity of 140 liters.

It is the best Ship among the class A Ships.

The Razorleaf has 18 reactors; up to two crew members and companions can travel in the cockpit.

Moreover, it provides a hover jump of 30 LY and a cargo space of 420 kg.

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2. Star Eagle

The other Ship Best Class A Ship you can get is Star Eagle. It is also one of the free Ships you can get by completing the mission.

Furthermore, it is one of the most evenly-rounded Ships in the game and can be obtained very early on.

You can get it as a reward for completing the Freestar Collective storyline.

The Ship has a value of 398375 credits and 350 mass.

Discover Best Class A Ships In Starfield
Obtain by completing a specific mission

Moreover, the Star Eagle is equipped with lasers, ballistics and missiles.

The Ship has 30 reactors and more than 912 shields to protect it in fights.

Further, it offers a jump LY of 18 and three members can travel in the Ship while exploring the planets and moons.

This Ship has a cargo space of 2736 with an initial shield of 760 and 948 Hull.

Players can build this Ship into a powerful beast.

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3. Wanderwell

You can obtain this Ship by picking the Kid Stuff trait while creating a character. This Ship is not that bad for the early game.

Discover Best Class A Ships In Starfield
It is the Ship obtained after selecting the Kid stuff trait.

This Ship has a value of 81196 credits. Players can have upto two crew members aboard the Spaceship, and it offers 455 shields and jumps up to 27LY.

Its mass is almost 622, and it is equipped with missiles and ballistics to buff the attack.

However, the cargo space is only 303, less than Star Eagle.

4. Sparrow III

This is a paid ship that you can buy from Veronica Young at Taiyo Astroneering in Neon.

It has a decent shield and hull, a long jump range, a particle beam weapon and a missile launcher.

The Sparrow III is a class A fighter spaceship that costs 162,775 credits.

 It has a mass of 511, a fuel capacity of 160, a hull strength of 722, and a cargo capacity of 920.

 It has a reactor class of 26 (A), which means it can power up to four weapons and four modules.

The Bottom Line

Class A Ships have excellent mobility and are less expensive than C or B.

Furthermore, some Class A Ships are free and obtain by completing specific side missions.

However, the free stuff is not always good, so only some Class A are good.

Moreover, these Ships can also be an excellent option for players looking for free Ships.

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