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Police Checkpoint Extract Location In Escape From Tarkov

Police Checkpoint is one of the many extract locations in Escape From Tarkov.

The Checkpoint is located in Ground Zero, a new addition to the game.

The Extraction point of the Police Checkpoint in Escape From Tarkov is located on the Road that connects the TerraGroup building. Players will find a Black SUV with a number plate T AO 002 where players have to invest 5000 Rubs.

Continue reading about the Police Checkpoint location and the process to reach the extraction point.

Police Checkpoint In Tarkov

Ground Zero is a new location of Patch in the heart of the Tarkov City Centre.

Police Checkpoints, Mira Prospect, and Nakatani Basement Stairs are a few locations with high loot in Ground Zero.

However, the requirements, Faction, availability, and usage differ from every extraction.

Police Checkpoint Ground Zero
Ground Zero map featuring Police Checkpoint and other Exfil locations.

The PMC faction protects the Police checkpoint and is applicable for single use.

Moreover, the requirement of the Police Checkpoint is 5000 Roubles per player.

Players can even form a squad of four players and initiate the extraction at the Checkpoint.

Unfortunatley, the location is only accessible for beginners under level 20 of PCM’s due to relatively easier quests.

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How To Find Police Checkpoint Extract Area In Tarkov?

Here is a step-by-step procedure to find the Extraction location of the Checkpoint in Escape From Tarkov;

1. Head To Ulica Torgovyi Road

The starting point to locate the loot area is starting from the Ulica Torgovyi Road.

The road connects the Sacv Checkpoint(Co-Op) and the Police Checkpoint; hence it may not be tricky to locate.

Further, players should make their way to the orange icon on the map.

Ground zero map
Reach to the orange icon on the road.

2. Follow the Terra Group Road

Players will reach to the middle of the road and locate the TerraGroup Co-op building and Empire.

However, to find the loot, players should make their way to the road with Zebra Crossing next to the TerraGroup building.

police checkpoint tarkov
Follow the road with Zebra Crossing next to Terra Group.

3. Locate The Extract

If players follow the same road, they will come across a bunch of cars and trucks.

However, players should not stop until they find a car with an open car trunk and a police vehicle.

Just beside the Police car, players will find a running Black SUV with a number plate T AO 002, which is an extraction point.

extraction point excape from tarkov
Players can find the extraction point by reaching the Black SUV.

Further, by getting closer to the black vehicle players should transfer the Rubs.

The quest box on the top of the screen: EXFIL 01 will blink when players complete the task.

The Bottom Line

Escape From Tarkov’s new update features multiple quests, locations, bosses, and extraction points.

Finding the extraction points will assist players in completing achievements and obtaining numerous.

Hence, players should invest their time and improve their skills, learn mechanisms and unlock new weapons.

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