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Tarkov Christmas Event: Find Santa Claus

Players are eagerly waiting for the Christmas Event for many loots in Escape from Tarkov.

The Christmas event adds a delightful atmosphere of the festive season to the thrilling world of Tarkov.

During the Christmas Event in Tarkov, you will find Santa Claus on various maps while on the mission. Santa Claus will give you various loots when you go near him as Christmas presents. Besides, you can also play smart with the Green Flare event and trade more with the flea market event this Christmas.

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The Christmas Event In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a thrilling multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Furthermore, this Christmas, players can enjoy the festive turn with the Christmas event in Tarkov.

The Christmas events add new challenges and changes to the game, creating a joyful and unpredictable experience for players.

Besides, you can find a variety of gameplay adjustments and festive additions in the Christmas event.

You can find the Christmas Tree in the hideout, which adds the holiday spirit to the game’s atmosphere.

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Santa Claus In The Tarkov Christmas Event  

You will also find Santa Claus making a special appearance to you on various maps.

When you go near Santa Claus, he will give you loots from his signature Santa’s Bag.

The loot from Santa during the mission is very beneficial in turning the battle on your side.

Moreover, Santa Claus also gives you chocolate sometimes, which makes the thrilling experience a little sweet.

Find Santa Claus on various maps to get exciting loot as Christmas presents in Tarkov.

During the Christmas event, the tough bosses and their minions wear Santa Hats to make things more fun.

In addition, it is a funny detail that makes the serious battles a bit more light-hearted.

The game world also gets a holiday makeover with decorations and lights, making everything look and feel more festive.

Here is the list of things you can do at the Tarkov Christmas party:

1. Green Flare Event 

The Christmas event in Tarkov introduces a cool feature called the Green Flare Event.

Furthermore, the Green Flare event introduces the 26x75mm distress signal flare in a distinct poison green color.

The interesting part about the green flare is when you use it, it turns nearby Scavs and Bosses neutral.

In addition, this gives players a smart move to plan their attacks better during the raids.

It’s like a secret weapon that changes how things usually go down in Tarkov, making the game even more interesting.

2. Finding More Loots During Christmas Event

In the Tarkov Christmas event, finding loot by exploring the map is a big deal.

Furthermore, each map has special spots where there is lots of loot to find.

It makes the game more interesting because you have to figure out how to get through these concentrated zones.

Santa can give you chocolates during the mission to increase your stamina as Christmas presents.

Like, you might explore the Skeleton area in Customs or go to the Underground in Factory.

Each map has its things to deal with, making the festive time more exciting in the game.

3. Flea Market Event 

Another cool thing during the Tarkov Christmas party is the Flea Market Event.

The Flea Market event reduces the fee to list items which makes people trade more and talk to each other in the game.

Hence, the Christmas Event makes the game more engaging and makes players explore more to find loot.

The Bottom Line

You can find more loot during this Christmas event, so explore more areas of the map to make the most of this festive season.

Moreover, when you meet Santa during your mission on the map, stay close to him for exciting loots.

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