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Features Of The Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle 

The Chinese Tech Giant Xiaomi steps into the world of electric mobility with the release of its new SU7.

Xiaomi SU7 is gaining rapid popularity in the market as people are comparing it with big companies like Tesla and Porche.

SU7 stands for Speed Ultra which is the first electric vehicle from the famous Xiaomi company that is pre-launched in the market with its utmost design, performance, range, safety, etc.

Continue reading to find out more about the features and technologies of the Xiaomi new EV.

The New Launch Of Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle 

Xiaomi is creating quite a buzz in the market as it enters the automotive industry by introducing the Xiami SU7.

Furthermore, Xiaomi SU7 is Xiaomi’s first revolutionary electric vehicle with exciting features that make it stand out.

Even though the SU7 is newly released it is already giving competition to established giants such as Porsche and Tesla.

Additionally, the SU7 comes in two versions: the regular one and the supercharged SU7 Max.

The regular version is the Xiaomi SU7 Rear-wheel drive and the supercharged version is the Xiaomi SU7 Max Dual Motor Wheels Drive.

Features Of Two Versions Of Xiaomi SU7

The features of both regular and supercharged versions of Xiaomi SU7 are as follows:

1. Xiaomi SU7 Max Dual Motor

The supercharged SU7 Max is the most powerful version of the EV as it has two motors integrated into it.

Furthermore, the motors used in the SU7 Max are super fast as they give 673 PS horsepower to the EV.

Xiaomi SU7 two versions
Xiaomi SU7 has two versions where the regular one has one motor and the Max has dual motors.

Xiaomi SU7 Max also has an incredible speed of 265 km/hr and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.78 seconds.

Hence, the max version of the SU7 beats some other fancy cars like the Porsche Taycan Turbo in terms of speed.

In addition, the Max version can give you 800km of range when fully charged and its 100-0km/h braking distance is 33.3m.

2. Xiaomi SU7 Rear-wheel Drive

The regular SU7 is no slouch either as it still packs a punch with 299 PS horsepower with just one motor.

The top speed of the regular SU7 is 210km/hr but it can give you 668 km of range when fully recharged.

Even though it is not as fast as the max version it can accelerate from 100 km/h in 5.28 seconds which is still impressive.

Moreover, while traveling 100-0km/h it has a braking distance is 35.5m and a max torque of 400N-m.

Xiaomi SU7  Can Outperform Other Cars

The technologies and gadgets introduced in this new EV are extraordinary than Porche And Tesla.

Furthermore, this EV can outperform other fancy cars due to its hyper-engine electric motors of up to 21000 rpm.

1. Cool Gadgets Inside The Car

The Xiaomi SU7 has not only incredible speed and range but also cool gadgets inside of it.

Similarly, it has a big touch screen which is like having a giant smartphone for your car.

Xiaomi EV gadgets
You can get a tablet with the Xiaomi SU7 which is a device that lets you play games, music, maps etc in the car.

There is also a heads-up display which is a tiny screen on the windshield that gives you important information.

2. Travels Longer Distances 

When it comes to electric vehicles, people are quick to speculate how far the vehicle can go with the charge.

So, the SU7 has incredible technologies that allow you to travel long distances without needing a charge.

The SU7 Max can go up to 800 km on a single charge, while the regular one can manage a respectable 668 km.

Hence, you can travel from one end of a really big city to the other without running out of battery in your SU7 EV.

3. Incredible Recharge Range

The best factor about the SU7 is its recharging speed as you can charge it back in 15 minutes battery runs out.

Moreover, the 15 minutes of charge in the battery can give you an extra 510 km of range.

Apart from super-fast motors, SU7 has other technologies like an 800-volt platform and an experimental hyperengine.

4. 5 Star Safety Ratings

The Xiaomi SU7 is a robust electric vehicle with a perfect 5-star safety rating in several tests.

Furthermore, it has an armor-like body that is made up of steel and aluminum.

The SU7 prioritizes your safety to a large extent so it has airbags everywhere to keep you safe in case something unexpected happens.

5. Connects With IOS And Xiaomi Devices

The fascinating aspect of the Xiaomi SU7 is that it can easily connect with your other Xiaomi gadgets.

Hence, you can control and monitor your Xiaomi smart home devices directly from your car.

The SU7 can be used as a remote control for your home even while you are driving on the road.

Moreover, you can also connect your Apple devices with the SU7 without any problem.

The Bottom Line

The dual motors, hyper engine, incredible speed, and range in the SU7 make it a dream car for many.

It has all the required features for electric vehicles making it a high competition in the market.

But the cost for this EV is not yet declared however, it’s clear that Xiaomi is aiming high with this one.

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