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A Guide To Obtain Both Disguises In AC Mirage

In AC Mirage, players can obtain both White Patient Robe and Eunuch Tunic disguises while playing different quests.

Similarly, while playing AC Mirage, players have to harness their stealth ability to assassin their target with ease.

For some of the quests inside the game, players have to obtain two distinct disguises to evade the guards and other NPCs.

In AC Mirage, players can obtain both White Patient Robe and Eunuch Tunic disguises after completing the quests “The Great Symposium” and “The Servant and the Imposter” respectively.

Continue Reading to find out more about Both Disguises in AC Mirage.

AC Mirage Disguises 

In AC Mirage, players can unlock a variety of disguises after completing certain quests to enhance their abilities.

Unlocking new disguises presents users with new abilities and perks that will be useful during the assassinations.

Similarly, for this quest players have to unlock two essential Disguises which are described below:

1. White Patient Robe

Unlocking this Disguise is one of the major accomplishments in Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage and is the crucial outfit.

Players must wear the White Patient Robe during the main quest called “The Great Symposium“.

During AC Mirage quest "The Great Symposium"
The player is about to start the quest “The Great Symposium”.

Similarly, wearing this outfit will blend players as a patient who is about to perform several experiments.

Moreover, upon wearing this outfit players have got access to the test room without raising suspicion from anyone.

Players need this outfit to approach the Fazil without triggering any alarms and assassinate him for his unethical experiments.

2. Eunuch Tunic

Players should wear the “Eunuch Tunic” disguise during the quest called “The Servant and the Imposter“.

Similarly, players need this outfit to enter the Harem without arousing any suspicion from anyone inside the game.

Moreover, wearing this outfit lets the player perfectly blend with the Eunuch which protects this private space.

Upon infiltrating the Harem, players can now focus on their objective to investigate the Qabiha’s involvement with the Order of Ancients.

How To Obtain Both Disguises In AC Mirage?

Players need to complete certain quests before they can have access to the Both Disguises in AC Mirage.

Players need to go through certain missions and find the chests containing both disguises.

So after finding out the significance of these outfits, players can learn how to unlock these disguises with ease.

Finding White Patient Robe

Players have to embark on a mission called “The Great Symposium” before getting their hands on the White Patient Robe.

Similarly, this mission is about the assassination of the stronger adversary called “Al-Rabisu“.

Initially, players have to make their way through the dark and horrifying dungeons behind the House of Wisdom.

At the cell, you find one of the patients dead on the floor wearing a White Patient Robe.

Dead patient with one of the disguise
Players should take The White Patient Robe from the dead body.

At this moment, players can take the White Patient Robe of the dead patient and acquire one of the needed disguises. 

Acquiring this outfit is mandatory to blend in with the patient and to approach Al-Rabisu without any unwanted attention.

Finding The Eunuch Tunic

To find the Eunuch Tunic, players have to progress through the main quest ” The Servant and the Imposter.”

Similarly, during this mission players have to infiltrate the streets of the Harem to uncover Qabiha’s secrets.

Players can get their hands on Eunuch Tunic by keeping an eye out for two tailors located on the rooftop near the Harem.

Right after you spot the Eunuchs with the orange mask icon above their head, follow them to a secluded area.

Dead Eunuch with one of the disguise
Players should wear the Eunuch Tunic of the Dead Eunuch to explore Harem.

Players must then kill the Eunuch, hide their body, and finally take their clothes.

Getting the Eunuch Tunic will make you one of the Eunuchs so now you can infiltrate the harem disguised as Eunuch.

Rewards After Obtaining Both Disguises 

Gathering both of the disguises in Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage is one of the major accomplishments in the game.

Similarly, players will get several rewards after completing the vital part of the Assassin’s Creed Mirage journey.

After collecting two disguises respectively and completing the respective missions, players will earn “The Masquerader” Trophy.

Players achieving Masquerader Trophy
After Hiding the Eunuchs and wearing the outfit, players can earn a Masquerader Trophy.

Similarly, after unlocking this trophy, players can be confident about their stealth abilities and adapt to difficult situations seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

Players should focus on collecting both of these disguises as it would help them easily complete the difficult missions.

Similarly, obtaining both of these disguises will help players assassinate the Al-Rabisu and take entails on Qabiha’s secrets.

In conclusion, achieving both of these disguises is a great plus point in the world of Mirage because you can deceive almost all NPC.

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